Blooming Carrions – Sisters in Blooming Flesh 12″MLP/MCD (Iron Bonehead)

Inferno and heat!


Blooming Carrions is a very underground entity from Finland with only a guy called EvM. The one-man-band released two demos and this is his debut EP with only three songs.

First of all, the music is a blackened death metal in the vein of Grave Upheaval, so if you’re not into this kind of ultra-aggressive sounds you’d better stop reading here.

Fist song is an epic of heaviness in noisy satanic death metal: being the title track the song has a lot of passages with changes of tempo and of course, phrases. Difficult to fathom what is happening because the wall of noise, it demands some spins to get what is really happening in the somehow confusing mix. Although the admirers of this kind of bestial metal doesn’t expect something like a “good mix”. It’s noise upon noise, metal on metal affair. Density is what guide the whole EP.

Enchantment of Slaughtering sounds like an Aussie band, with Impetuous Ritual being the disgraceful reference: no quarter for the posers, yet not so different in MO from the first track, this song is a relentless attack to the senses, only made for the most radical headbangers out there. Although the tune has a kind of “guide” riffs, everything sounds chaotic and apocalyptic. The quintessence of the end of the world.

The long track Lehto just adds gasoline to the satanic fire and the explosion is imminent. Like the first one, the song is an epic operetta of infernal proportions. Over again, the changes of tempo, like a trip to hell itself, with vortexes of guitars, insatiable drumming, mega guttural vocals, all lead to the ultimate destruction of mankind.

This album has one mistake however: it’s too short and I’d like to hear a proper debut with all the nuclear destruction put together. It’d be an interesting experience.

 Sisters in Blooming Flesh will be out in 12″MLP/MCD on Iron Bonehead and the date of release is November 28th.

Rating: 8/10

(Roderick Totentanz)

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