Shadow’s Mortuary – Kuoleman Portit (Purity Through Fire)

Suomi Finland Svart Metall! Arrrggh!


This sophomore Shadow’s Mortuary album brings to the fore the great tradition of Suomi Black Metal, and I’m not going to put on an obvious list of super perfect Finnish bands… if you don’t know your Suomi black metal, go fetch some!

But I digress…

A 30-minute 8-track album, Kuoleman Portit is the pure essence of metal in that country: raw, hard, intransigent music of hell!

Opener Sielun Tuhkaa presents the modus operandi of this spectacular infernal opus: perfect Scandinavian riffs following the old school raw tradition of the north, but not with blast beats. This is more hardcore-like although I can’t see that it is some “blackened punk” in any way. This is the real deal black metal example of music. Although very raw in approach, this is not a terribly noisy and nonsense opus as the production is good. The riffs are the great highlight of this album for sure.

Riipus is a little more dramatic, using hissing guitar sound, very simple but efficient approach. For me this is the best song of the album, and even though the vocalist Void uses his native Finnish language, it seems that one can understand the harsh message. Of course, I know nothing about the lingo, but that’s the impression. Great song, really.

Ruoska is another great song and it can be said that it is the mix of Sielun Tuhkaa and Riipus… the dramatic riffage is still there, but this song is a bit faster than the latter. Abyssal sensations are transmitted by the pure hateful atmosphere of the band.

Kuoleman Portit (the title-track) starts with a mid-tempo drumming to over again go to the same modus operandi as before, only that this time around the vocals are different and the guitars are not, well, melodic… The riffs are looser and not so impressive but that’s the deal.

The other tracks are cool but the aforementioned are aces for sure.

All in all, this album is an ode to the true Suomi Black Metal musical tradition in pure infernal metal assault and it’s essential to all maniacs and die-hards of pure orthodox black metal. If you don’t like this album go back to your fashionable bands…

Kuoleman Portit is out now on Purity Through Fire.

Rating 9/10

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