Is it true that Burzum will release an official album in 2020? Let’s find out!

Over again, rumor that Burzum will officially come back with a new official album has surfaced on internet.


A lot of strange news about a possible comeback of Burzum has surfaced on internet. What is possible or really confusing?

Okay, after the deactivation of Burzum, some apocryphal albums (two to be more exact, a bootleg called Foreldra and another called Thulê) appeared on platforms such Youtube. Ironically Thulean Perspective was banned from Youtube and Varg Vikernes is averse to social media like Facebook or Twitter. Strange enough, a Facebook page called Burzum Antiquities exists, claiming to have “lost” Burzum and Varg recordings (dating from Uruk Hai). I tried to verify, to no avail. But nobody could have such “antiquities” as Varg Vikernes himself. He is a strange lad, so who knows?

This same site promised a new Burzum album, talking in third person, but minimal details had appeared.

But another page claimed that Burzum has compiled some songs and an imminent release is schedule for 2020 via Plastic Head. It’s quite impossible to know the truth which leaves us with three possibilities: a hoax; a bootleg; an original album.

But even an original release would pose such questions like: if some recording already had appeared in aforementioned bootlegs, will these songs reappear in the new album (which by the way has a working name Thulêan Mysteries)? Nobody knows.

The rumors are getting stronger and stronger, but over again it is impossible to assert something at the moment. To discover if this highly anticipated release is not a hoax, everybody will have to wait until March 2020. After that date all hopes are lost.


Roderick Totentanz


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