Kawir – Adrasteia LP/CD/TAPE – Iron Bonehead

The Hellenic Gods’ return.


One of the most epic (if not the most) bands from Greece, Kawir, is back with what may be their boldest album to date: Αδράστεια (Adrasteia).

Comprising of only 6 tracks, one has left wondering how much a black metal band can achieve with their sound in terms of originality. Let me say it: a lot!

The opener Tydeus and its outstanding epic(ness) – even if this word doesn’t exist – leaves no doubt about the grandiose of the album in which there’s not much technicality but a lot of folkloric elements in a good mix to keep it going on and on.

Atalanti, the second track for example, appeals to folk instrumentation to show that the Greek gods are alive. Everything (mainly the drums) are produced with diligence.

The most aggressive track of the album, the third one, called Danaides is the track the shows more elements, a good deal of serpentine solos, different phrases, even if the song per se doesn’t sound too oblique.

One of my absolute faves for sure is Limniades that really throws one back in time. But don’t let the intro wrong you: this is pure black metal heathenism in musical form.

Colchis is totally acoustic as in a song done by Orpheus himself. Beautiful female chants in a metal-free expression of art.

Medea packs the album with a large than life sound and being back to black metal it throws the grimness of the darkest vocals and the impureness of the harsh riffage.

Now that’s an album that is not too complex to understand but it has a good deal of different musical ambiences to permit a time travel. 2020 started well for metal.

Adrasteia is out now on LP/CD/TAPE on Iron Bonehead.

Rating 8/10

Roderick Totentanz

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darksoulsunited/

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