Serpent Noir – Death Clan OD – W.T.C.Productions

Serpentine Sensations.


Formed in 2016 and with their first release in 2010, Serpentine Noir reach their third full-length called Death Clan OD with less than 40 minutes of pure Greek culto!

The band counts with the vocalist Kostas K. from Embrace of Thorns and although that adds lots of fuel to the fire, Serpent Noir is a different demon.

Tackling with the more melodic side of black metal (not symphonic or atmospheric, mind you) with a bit of death metal technique applied to the general formula, this is an intriguing album that is unfathomable  while spinning it for the first time, mainly because they sound Greek (like the names of the past from Hellas) yet original at the same time and that kind of stuff really gets into the listener, at least on the first hearings.

For example, the track Hexcraft creates a myriad of atmospheres that unfurl in front of the audience where the initial riff is very melancholic (yet dirt!) just to go to a syncopate drumming that varies from fast to mid-tempo, and then a strong beating and a blasphemic solo throws one back and the end of the song has a sort of upbeat sound (still dramatic!) being the typical case of the song that starts in one way and ends on another.

On the other hand, a song like Astaroth The Jaws Of Gha’Agsheblah is more insistent on its affirmation of pure evilness, even though having different phrases the great majority of times the tune escapes the mid-tempo (which is present of course) and appeals to a really fast approach.

The last track called GOEH RA REAH Garm Unchained shows a simpler and definitive grasp of their sound summarizing the whole album. Simpler because of some repetitive riffs but with subtle changes of tempo.

There is a fine equilibrium between styles, subtle passages, heavy but melodic approach, which delivers a consistent work that is great both in form and fury.

Death Clan OD by Serpent Noir is out TODAY on W.T.C.Productions.

Rating: 8/10

Roderick Totentanz

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