Ara – Jurisprudence (Self-Released)

When technicality are not just layers of noise.



Jurisprudence, the second offer of Ara from Wisconsin, released independently as the first album and first EP and equally (if not better) as good, brings a highly technical version of the style but with a great difference from its peers: the songs are made by divided parts when “technicality” appears as they calmly crafted their songs like if they are many in just one, and not just a bunch of instrumentation juxtaposed one on another like anything just to sound cool.

No! Ara is a completely different demon in this territory, I believe equally satisfactory for the fans of the style but different in approach.

In the first track called Mythos this modus operandi is there clanging and crunching into one’s eardrums with gusto while they created a symphony where the vocals follow a pattern (something very rare inside the style) just like Krisiun, Kataklysm and I daresay Deicide.

Following suit, the track Cytokine Storm, a headbanger of fastest proportions have repetitive parts into their own logic of phrases. The sounds and tempos, of course change freely but are not messed.

The best song and where they show their importance between the GREAT BANDS of the style is of course Etymologicide, a kind of organized mess and I explain myself… the confusion here stems from the velocity and not a suppose dexterity. It’s rip-roaring death metal at its best!

Abhortion (SIC) is another natural born classic that is a test to see if the person who is listening to it is alive or dead, because if one doesn’t like this one, he’s a huge poser. Its tempos are complex but not inconsistent a bit. The solo is very traditional for this outfit and that’s the splendour of it.

Jurispridence is set to become a reference in this kind of technical approach and if won’t it will be a crime punishable by death. (NO PUN INTENTED)

Ara is self-released and it’s going to be released tomorrow, May 15th.

Rating: 9/10

Roderick Totentanz

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