Graveland – Hour of Ragnarok- (Inferna Profundus Records)

The return of the PAGAN CULT.

Pagan black metal classic band Graveland is back over again with Rob Darken (Robert Fudali) and his cohorts doing the bast black metal music possible without changing their HEATHEN ideology which was Celtic and now is a Viking one for quite some time.

But this band doesn’t need explanation, introduction, reason or rhyme, so let’s go straight to the tracks!

The epic album opens up with a track called The Wolf of Twilight, and the peculiar black metal done by Graveland is as always: fast, Bathory-oriented, boisterous drum attack but with clamoring keyboards that resounds like trumpets of symphonic proportions. Kind of melodic? Yeah, but without it, it’s no Graveland.

The title track follows suit: now this one goes a little bit away from the Bathory realm and sounds very original and it has the balls to put enough change of phrases and not sounding some stupid technical band, there is a perfect balance between the raw and the well done, and it is from the DECADES of experience under the Graveland flag, it’s not different from the past but it’s always better and better!

Now I daresay that Children of Hyperborea is the sound of the year: the viking melodic vocals is something that emanates pagan pride in a brave chant just to explode in a very virulent black metal however to return to the melodic part back again: it’s a song of heroic proportions, rasping and pleasing at the same time. What a masterpiece!

Track Enlightened by the Wisdom of Runes is another thunderous piece of masterpiece over again and Mr. Fudali puts the “epicness” into perspective with much of the elements inside de disc into one song, and what a helluva of illumination!

Hour of Ragnarok is an insanely well-crafted album by a band that has been running for so long and it’s impossible to get a negative result when the case is this. Graveland is tradition above merely commercial black metal, and this is what the true pagan spirits have been seeking for so long.

Hour of Ragnarok is out on August 23rd via Inferna Profundus Records.

Rating: 10/10

Roderick Blutrache

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