Iggor Cavalera goes from metal to industrial with Petbrick. Listen to new single

Noise, electronic, industrial… Iggor Cavalera comes back with a strange project.



Iggor Cavalera (ex-Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy, Mixhell) is going to come back with a new project which is a duo with Wayne Adams (best known as Ladyscraper) called Petbrick. 

It’s electronic music or metal? Listen to the new single here: 

They’ve release a self-titled cassete/7”EP last year, wich was totally noise and experimental. Really interesting work. 

But this time, judging by the sound of the single things seem to be way different, more palatable as to say. Well different from the first EP. If you’re waiting any sign of metal here, though, none you wil find.

 track listing:

  1. Horse
  2. Radiation Facial (featuring Dylan Walker)
  3. Guacamole Handshake
  4. Roadkill Ruby
  5. Sect
  6. Gringolicker (featuring Mutado Pintado)
  7. Coming (featuring (Laima Leyton)
  8. Jesus Dropkick
  9. Some Semblance Of A Story (featuring (Dwid Hellion)
  10. Dr Blair

The release is due to October, 25th. 

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Thule in no perspective; Varg Vikernes has lost his Youtube channel.

Thulian Perspective is no more due to new Youtube regulations.




As Frank Zappa once said: who are the brain police? Algorithms are! As internet started to rely heavily on algorithms in order to take down several videos that alleged broke copyright (the infamous article 13), now they are using the same tactic to control hate speech. You know, nazis, white supremacists and whatnot.

What those dudes have anything to do with heavy metal? LET’S FIND OUT:

As you may know (if you may not, google it) Louis Cachet aka Varg Vikernes aka Count Grishnackh aka the guy of Burzum espoused some extreme ideologies in the past and let’s not be hypocrites that he may or may not be right (pun intended) about the things he says nowadays. Or had said. Because one accusation in the past about him being a “nazi” his channel Thulean Perspective has been just banned from Youtube.

The thing is: as we live in the world Politically Correct, SWJ’s (Social Justice Warriors, just  as in “METAL SUCKS”) feel good to accuse bands like Inquisition, Watain, Marduk and Burzum to be NAZIS. As I said, let’s NOT BE HYPOCRITES about the existence of NSBM, but do you really think that the aforementioned bands deserve the label? C’mon. Okay you’re from RABM, so the idiocy makes sense.

Hate speech is not cool. But who are the others to tell me or you what you can watch or read? I don’t like Marxism, but I want to be able to read Das Kapital. I don’t like Nazism, but I want to have the right to read Mein Kampf. Period.

That’s exactly the fallacy on Youtube new rules: the text says: We recognize some of this content has value to researchers and NGOs looking to understand hate in order to combat it, and we are exploring options to make it available to them in the future. (the entire text can be read here). In the subsequent phrase they say “context matters”. I really thought about that. For hours and I concluded: IT MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL.

Some of these days I saw (in the same Youtube, where else?) a comedian who said: I want to know who is a racist so I can have a chance to NOT BE(ING) FRIENDS WITH THAT GUY.

Let’s go to the point: if you think (or not) that Varg is a white supremacist is up to you, but to call off a channel like Thulean Perpective is to hush the artist himself, it is to take out the benefit of doubt. All of these seems beautiful but what’s the intention?

To limit the scope of you or me (or your BAND) can or cannot say is to give a power to one group only. Commies or American New-Left or Jewish People don’t have THAT KIND OF POWER. But they are consumers, Youtube gains its money by advertisement, advertisement is associated with a brand, a brand wants to be cool, being cool is to be the good guy in a word of intolerance. Let’s make a fast exercise: If nazis (I’m not saying Varg is one, that’s the WHOLE POINT of these illations) were greater in number and they could pay for the revenue of the companies who put their ads on Youtube, don’t you think the history would be totally different?

Which makes a comeback to the original question: who are the brain police? Youtube delegates to its algorithms what is good and what is bad. Given that Varg Vikernes is SUPPOSEDLY a white supremacist (a lie said one thousand times becomes a truth, a phrase by Joseph Goebbels, the infamous Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945, a tactic that is used gladly by “anti-nazis”), the algorithm simply says: this can, this cannot. This kind of selection is literally brainless. Okay, you don’t like neo-nazis, white supremacists streaming their massacres on Christchurch (New Zealand), I get that. I hate to see animals being mistreated; I opt out always. But to accuse someone from another group simply  because this group doesn’t like a guy by saying: nazi, commie, fascist, is to negate the fact the Youtube opened a precedent to censor you, who want to talk about dolls. Yeah, a stupid example. Until some algorithm decided that a doll is not good for kids because some zealots decided that the said doll promotes hate, violence, political propaganda and pedophilia. That’s until somebody decides that the doll is old fashioned, now it’s time to persecute black metal artists. Until someone decides that black metal isn’t enough and heavy Metal and Rock should be banned. Until you can’t even read an opinion like this anymore. The Big Bother is bigger than ever. Heads up.




(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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The origins of Origin.

Old and new recordings from the pre-Origin era.


Paul Ryan, the mastermind behind Origin has recreated former songs from pre-Origin era, playing all the instruments with never-released songs.

Prior to Origin, Ryan used to create songs with his two previous bands: Necrotomy (1990-91) and Thee Abomination 1992-93. (Origin became Origin only in 1997).

Now he’s re-recorded everything from this obscure era: a work made between 2013 and 2018!

That’s what’s all about of the “new” Origin album Abiogenesis – A Coming Into Existence. The trick here is that the very first EP A Coming Into Existence was not re-recorded, but remastered as bonus tracks and its cover is identical to that EP.


To better understand, here follow the tracks:



  1. Insanity*
  2. Mauled**
  3. Autopsied Alive**
  4. Spastic Regurgitation*
  5. Bleed as Me*
  6. Mind Asylum*
  7. Infestation*
  8. Murderer**

“A Coming Into Existence”

  1. Lethal Mainpulation the bone crusher chronicles***
  2. Sociocide***
  3. Manimal Instincts***
  4. Inner Reflections The Pain from Within***

* Necrotomy (pre-Origin) 1990-91.

**Thee Abomination (pre-Origin) 1992-93.

Over again: tracks 1 to 8 were fully re-recorded and they haven’t been heard… Until now. Tracks 9 to 12 are the remasters of the first EP (already with ORIGIN name) but this EP hasn’t been released worldwide though.

Abiogenesis – A Coming Into Existence, will be out on May 3rd.

Listen to the “new” never-heard track here:

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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What’s behind the truth… and the lies.



By the time Lords of Chaos was advertised times ago, the bands went vocal against it: the obvious reasons were (and are) that the movie is (PARTLY) based on the book by the same name written by Michael Moynihan, Didrik Søderlind and it was lambasted by some musicians at the time. Most vocally Varg Vikernes as pure lies.

As time passed by, Jonas Åkerlund, the director (and ex member of Bathory) made some research. There are tons of free documentaries on Youtube about the subject.

Before watching, it is important that people remember that as near the truth as a movie can be, there are “dramatic licenses” in order to the history to make some sense on the screen. No movie EVER depicted the truth exactly as it is.



You all know the history, but if you don’t, here it is according to the movie: a group of youths, led by a guy self-named Euronymous (Rory Culkin) decide to form the evilest group ever and raise some hell across Oslo.

Parties, fun, misguided youth, sex, booze and Satan.

Until things start to go wrong, when their depressive vocalist Dead (Jack Kilmer) dies and a strange guy from Bergen named Kristian appears from nowhere and tries and join the “Inner Circle”.

Although Euronymous seems to sincerely like Kristian (which chooses for his nom de guerre Varg– played by excellent Emory Cohen), the clash of personalities is inevitable.

Who’s the leader of the circle? The guy who has the ideas and invented the True Norwegian Black Metal, or the other one, who buys the whole idea and makes a real call to action by committing crimes and try to involve other member of the circle into problems to promote his first album?

Nobody will ever know what really happened by the times of the events (who covers a span of time roughly from 1987 to 1993 packed at one hour and fifty minutes), but as most of fans tend to “remember” the Norwegian black metal as really evil guys, the fact is that they are portrayed as stupid kids, which can get the most die-hard fans irritated.

Varg is portrayed as a fat (?), introvert and vegetarian fan of Scorpions (really?) while at the same time is the rock star who gets all the girls to bed. That seems a little disconnect as Faust (Valter Skarsgård) is never credited as the Emperor’s drummer and the only reference to the band is made by a t-shirt wore by “the Varg’s driver” (Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht) (the guy is NOT credited as Thorns). Reference to the Darkthrone is made by a tee-shirt as well and there’s absolutely nothing about Enslaved, Satyricon or Immortal. Euronymous is a handsome leader, and as photos of him always circulated he wasn’t handsome at all. He even has a girlfriend (Sky Ferreira).

Technical problems apart, the viewer may enjoy the ride as there are really comic scenes and real violent ones.

The actors made the best with they’d got and there is something cinematic big.

Maybe is not the whole truth anyway and it won’t function as an introducing and inspiring factor to Norwegian Black Metal, but the movie is well done and surprisingly fun. (No Fun, No Mosh, No core, No Trends).

To summarize the whole idea: the movie starts dull but gains momentum and one has to have patience in order to get to the climax.

Oh, the “soundtrack” is excellent!



The actor who plays FaustValter Skarsgård – is the brother of two more famous actors (actually more than two). One is Gustaf Skarsgård (the guys who plays Floki in Vikings) and the other is Bill Skarsgård (Pennywise the Dancing Clown from IT). They are sons of Stellan Skarsgård (Dr. Erik Selvig in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films Thor (2011), The Avengers (2012), Thor: The Dark World (2013), and Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015).)


(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Is Malcolm “Back in Black”? AC/DC new album to feature the late guitarist.

Sources say while Brian Johnson is definitely back on track, some riffs by Malcolm will be utilized by the band.


No date is set for the release of the upcoming nameless album featuring Brian Johnson, but radio personality Eddie Trunk says he has a source reliable enough to say that while recording in Canada the band is utilizing riffs made by Malcolm Young and building the sounds over them. It’s not exactly a surprise given the technology we have today that permitted that Pink Floyd made the very same thing in their last album The Endless River (2014) utilizing Rick Wright material who died back in 2008.

According to Trunk, however, the enigmatic source doesn’t know if they will go on tour after that or if Axl Rose (who filled for Johnson live) will return.

Malcolm Mitchell Young died on November 18th, 2017.

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Bruce Corbitt Dead at 56

Rigor Mortis/ Warbeast vocalist resisted until yesterday.


Bruce Kendall Corbitt, the vocalist of both classic Thrash Metal band Rigor Mortis and Warbeast (formerly Texas Metal Alliance) died yesterday –  January 25 –  from Esophageal cancer (the sixth most common cause of cancer deaths worldwide). He was diagnosed in May 2017.

Rigor Mortis acted from 1983 to 1991 and returned in 2005 recording the classic self-titled debut in 1988. Their last album was Slaves to the Grave recorded in 2014. Lately they were acting as Wizards of Gore, but it’s unclear if the band will continue.

Another member, Mike Scaccia (Ministry), died during a Rigor Mortis’ gig at the Rail Club in Fort Worth, Texas, on December 22, 2012 from heart attack.

Bruce Corbitt survived a stab and a heart attack. He fought to the very end. Condolences to his family.

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Udo Dirkschneider with health problems. Tour continues anyway.

It’s not clear if he’ll be able to complete the whole tour though.


The iconic Udo Dirkschneider (U.D.O. ex-Accept) has presented some health problems but the band has decided to not postpone the whole tour. The (rather confusing) announcement was made by the band via Facebook. It says he’s not in good health but even so confirming that he’ll be on stages:

“Dear UDO fans,

Unfortunately, we have to tell you that Udo has a serious health problem since early January. He has pain in his left knee and couldn´t walk at all for a longer period. He has been to different specialists in Russia, Ibiza and Germany and now he is on a good way to recover. But he is still handicapped and can´t move that much without having pain. Against all advises of the doctors he has decided to play the tour and not postponing it since he hates to let his fans down. But this means that he is a bit handicapped on stage and can´t move that much. We are very sorry for this but we still have the opinion that this is better than postponing the complete tour.
Thanks and see you all on tour!”

We seriously wish that this is not a BAD DECISION by the part of organization, because we all want to see U.D.O. rocking around the world for a long time.

The complete dates can be seen by clicking on this link: https://udo-online.com/tourdates.html?fbclid=IwAR0smxHcVZuL5d-1-9tQm2ktP_8Q95-CLbaZ7jTs4X2FbuLnOyDAO1rvIII



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