Late night call: Is Kiss calling it quits?

Old rumors circulating in the beginning of the year are back again!


On February 8th Kiss registered the trademark “End of the Road” raising concern among fans that they were calling it quits.

However, it wasn’t until TODAY that they announced the hashtag #EndOftheRoad World Tour making something more feasible for real questions.

A mysterious video without sound suddenly appeared on Facebook and at the same time an animation appeared on their website

No dates were announced though.

The legendary band has been around for some 45 years now. Let’s hope if this is really the end, everybody can be able to catch them on the “end of the road”. 


(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Order of the Nameless Ones unveils the date of album. Art and tracking list here!

Iron Bonehead sets the date for the killer release.

unnamed (1)

After one demo under their belts, American destroyers Order of the Nameless Ones is doomed to unleashed their debut album called Utter to Me the Word of Wrath under the sing of Iron Bonehead on December 7th (save the date), so expect quality here!

Containing 8 tracks of blackened death metal, and one them (Runes of Cosmic Blasphemy) can be listened to on Soundcloud. Click on this link and feel the pure evil of the upcoming album.

unnamed (2)

Tracklisting for Order of the Nameless OnesUtter to Me the Word of Wrath:

1. Aura of Malignancy

2. Runes of Cosmic Blasphemy

3. Look into the Abyss of Dread

4. The Stone that Begs for Blood

5. Depraved Covenant

6. Praise Your Sinister Form

7. Swarming Death Unleashed

8. Utter to Me the Word of Wrath

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Brazil’s Holocausto recording new album with original line-up

The original purveyors of war metal are back!


Holocausto is already on the studio recording the follow-up to their EP War Metal Massacre which will be called War Diary with no defined date of release as of yet.

The original line-up is reunited 31 years after the release of their iconic album Campo de Extermínio released by Cogumelo Records in 1987, an album that shocked headbangers all around the world.

The band has 5 albums, one EP and lots of other releases as demos and compilations, always changing their sound, but arguably Campo de Extermínio is their best album do date, putting Holocausto in the pantheon of bands that influenced Black Metal all over the world along with Sarcófago and (old) Sepultura and making them the very first WAR METAL band in the globe with an insane sound that has been praised by die-hards worldwide even today.

The album is being recorded and produced by André Cabelo (aka Andrevil) who produced War Metal Massacre and several other bands like Chakal, Cirrhosis and Wagner Lamounier’s The Evil.

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Sangrena: new 2017 album?

The technical gods from South America finally announce a new work.


Sangrena one of the most classic and underrated brutal death metal bands from Brazilian land (arguably they were the first ones who tried in this style) seems to be back after a long time since their last album Blessed Black Spirit from 2009.

It’s been a long way ever since and they are talking about a new album for some years now.

But finally, they announced in a very vague advertisement about a “2007” album giving no certain date. The working title is Hunter All that is known by the fans so far is that the album is already recorded, but in which phase of process (mixing, mastering, manufacturing) is unknown.

Since the beginning of times Sangrena had endured a great deal of line-up changings being Luciano Fedel (vocals, bass) and Fábio Ferreira (guitars, also a renowned producer) the only constant members. But the line-up has been stable for the last couple of years with Gustavo Bonfá (guitars) and Alan Marques (drums).

Once the date of release of Hunter is revealed, Dark Souls United readers will be the first to know!



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Hell’s Punch (w/ Overdose guitarist on vocals) releases new video.

New video clip of the Brazilian band is finally available.


Thrash metal behemoths Hell’s Punch have just released a video on Youtube for the song Hate (available on digital version of Burn It Down on Spotify). A big deal of the footage was captured during the show with Sepultura at 53HC MUSIC FEST (November 6th, 2016) in Brazil.  The band counts with Wesley Ribeiro (ex-Drowned), André Bastos (Pleiades, Serenity in Fire), Márcio Monteiro and Sergio Ferreira (aka Sérgio CichoviczOverdose, classic Brazilian heavy metal band)

You can watch the new video below in 720p or 1080p.

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Torqverem participates in Kaziklu Bey tribute

The underground entity will take part in Carpathian Tepes homage.


Torqverem is announcing that it will take part in the Kaziklu Bey tribute with a bunch of underground alumni, like Herege, Mausoleum, Bestymator, Wodanaz, Ayperos, Black Achemoth, Malediction, among others to pay eulogy to the late Carpathian Tepes who died in a workplace accident on January 12th, 2013. 

Back in the day, the band decided to play one last show in homage to Tepes in December of the same year, then called it quits.

Now Brazilian Ritual Records is going to release this tribute, fully entitled: Odes to Tepes, Tributo (sic) to Kaziklu Bey

However according to Eduardo Beherit, the owner of Brazilian Ritual Records, the tribute is set to be available in the second semester with no certain date of release. 

Coincidently, Fernando Iser, who is a full member of Torqverem, played in Kaziklu Bey as well.

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Nile – Departure of Dallas Toler-Wade and tour with Overkill

The show must go on.


Dallas Toler-Wade is not a member of Nile anymore and it seems to be a while since they announced his departure just now. Toler-Wade stayed with Nile for almost 20 years which made him a key member of the band and he’ll be missed by fans. He started his contribution in the album Black Seeds of Vengeance and stayed in the band in every record ever since.

16640564_10154238514441016_5494101280085642621_nDallas Toler-Wade “has decided to leave the band to focus on his own plans and recordings”, according to their Facebook page. This project may or may not be his other band Narcotic Wasteland.

Their newest member is Brian Kingsland (Guitars, Vocals, also from the South Carolina technical death/black band Enthean.

Today they embark in a tour with almighty Overkill covering 24 cities across USA.

Say Karl Sanders and George Kollias on their Facebook page:

Karl Sanders

“I would like to personally thank Dallas Toler Wade for his many years with the band, and sincerely wish him well with his music .

All of us in Nile are truly happy and thankful to be working with Brian . Not only is he a seriously talented Extreme Metal Guitar Shredder, but he has a great Brutal Metal voice , with a very versatile range . Brian is also a genuine , down-to-earth hard -working and motivated guy who has helped reignite and re-establish a sense of team work back into Nile. With the addition of Brian on guitar and vocals, The band right now seems to me a lot more like the early years of Nile– the Classic Nile era when we were all functioning as a cohesive unit , in viciously brutal Triple Vocal attack mode . The mood in the Nile rehearsal room for the last 3 months has been focused and relaxed ; with 4 positive , energized , hard working people all on the same Metal page. We simply can’t wait to share what we have been working on with Metal Fans on the upcoming Overkill Tour. Between the addition of Brian , and Bassist / Vocalist Brad Parris now in his 2nd year in the band , this line-up is going to Crush Skulls. Seriously, the last time I felt this strongly about a Nile Line-up – was when George Kollias joined the band.”

George Kollias

“I want to thank Dallas for everything he did for Nile all these years, its been some amazing years and i wish him the best with his new project!

Also, I want to say a big “welcome to Nile” to Brian Kingsland! Brian is an amazing guitar player/vocalist and he has brought a very fresh vibe to the band, we are so looking forward to get out there and deliver the best metal you ever heard from us! See you all on the road !!”


(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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