5 songs for your Halloween night!

No it’s totally different that you’ve read so far

Every year the three rock songs that everybody things about are: Halloween (Helloween), Halloween (King Diamond) and Samhain (Samhain).

Here goes five songs, that don’t need much explanation for their reason to be. Just click play and let the evil take care of your body and soul. Happy Halloween bastards! 






(Roderick Totentanz)

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Sarcófago albums, ranked from worst to best!

An introductory discography to these Brazilian demons.sarcófago

The fantastic and timeless band Sarcófago, that came from Brazil and had a span of time from circa 1986 to 2000, influencing underground death and black metal acts all across the world, including Behemoth, Impaled Nazarene, Satyricon, Blasphemy, Deiphago, Beherit, Nargaroth, between others, recorded 6 official releases along with demos and compilations. Those latter will be left out. Welcome to the ultimate guide to the most extreme band of the world!

  1. Rotting (1989)folder2

The least cool Sarcófago album (that MA lists it as an EP and in my time it was an album, go figure) was a tentative to return from a brief hiatus and try to sound contemporary at the same time. The result is not quite cohesive, although fans dig this album until today. Songs like Sex, Drinks, & Metal and Alcoholic Coma don’t save fillers as the re-recording of Nightmare (from INRI), Tracy or Rotting.

  1. The Worst (1996)


This was the second “electronic” album of Sarcófago, meaning they used programmed drums. Maybe people would complain exactly about that, but the problem here are songs like God Bless The Whores and the Worst which are not the best moments in their career. On the other side, Army of the Damned (The Prozac’s Generation), Plunged in Blood, Shave your Head and mainly Purification Process are absolute underrated classics of Death/Black Metal.

  1. Hate (1994)

Before The Worst, there was Hate… This album, with flagrant electronic folder4drums, is still destructive to these days. Varying between humorous and disgraceful death metal, classics like Anal Vomit (you need to scream with me, put out your uprising, free yourself from conformity, spell your ANAL VOMIT), Orgy Of Flies, Satanic Terrorism (a nod to the church burnings in Norway) and the absolute hilarious Hate (with the sounds of Pentecostals having theirs instruments destroyed by Sarcófago) and the absurd The Beggar’s Uprising are sure guarantee of true metal binge.

  1. Crust (2000)

folder6On the turning of the century, Sarcófago was no heavier than bands like Krisiun or Nile. But it’s my sole opinion that two albums gave them a run for their money: Panzer Division Marduk (well by Marduk) and Molesting the Decapitated by Devourment. Both bands in Black and Brutal Death respectively made Wagner and Gerald think: no one can be more putrid than us. The result is arguably the most aggressive recordings of all time: an EP with only four tracks and 12 minutes. The reason for this is that it was intended as a full length but they changed their minds, thus folding the band.

  1. The Laws Of Scourge (1991)

folder3Back to the beginning of the 90’s, Sarcófago decided to go full band and they released the extremely well produced The Laws Of Scourge. While Not the most brutal album of their career, quite the contrary, they’d found the perfect sound they were looking for in Rotting. This album is flawless and gave a band like Sepultura a run for their money. The cd version also comes with the EP Crush, Kill, Destroy

  1. I.N.R.I. (1987)

folderThe first, the legendary, the putrid, the offensive INRI was released by the end of the decade and it was not meant for common rockers to appreciate it. It’s well documented that this album is ahead of its time. A lot, I daresay. Songs like Satanic Lust, Desecration Of Virgin, INRI and Satanas are politically incorrect, alluding to rape, desecration of jesus Christ, sodomy and other disgraceful vomits against Christianity and other pillars of society. No one is spared. An album for the first wave of Black Metal when Black Metal has balls and dignity! Essential in any headbangers collection. If you don’t know this album, it’s time to return to school.

(Roderick Totentanz)

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