Solium Fatalis – Genetically Engineered to Enslave (Self-Release)

Technical Death Metal, but not ANY technical death metal.


Solium Fatalis is a band of many faces: Genetically Engineered to Enslave is their fourth album, but in their previous albums they had people like Dirk Verbeuren (drums, Megadeth, Aborted, Soilwork, Cadaver, between MANY others), Kevin Talley (drums for Six Feet Under, Misery Index, and many other as well), Olivier Pinard (Cattle Decapitation, Neuraxis and bass for Cryptopsy) and the mythic drummer Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy).

That said you now they are not amateurs. But now their lineup is: Jeff DeMarco (vocals), Jim Gregory (guitars), Ryan Beevers (guitars), Jeff Saltzman (drums).

Genetically Engineered to Enslave presents a strange mix of Technical Death Metal and Melodic Death Metal, but never freezing in one or other style. It’s fast, but just enough to make enough kind of noise, and it’s groovy, but just enough to make the songs understandable.

A master stroke, this album is highly intense with the guitar riff mingling with the drums like in the track A Tongue to Taste the Collapse.

But there are marvelous (I mean it) soloing in tracks like the KK Downing-inspired lead in the track Synthon, or the pure craziness of Servile, or even the melodic solo a la Malmsteen in Fiery the Angels Fell. Yes, they are that kind of crazy. However, everything falls in noisy harmony here.

There are missteps too like in the track A Gathering of Storms. The tune and the riff are really good and I daresay is the only earworm of the entire album. But the vocals of Haydee Irizarry are the kind of American-groovy-female-vocals if you get what I’m saying. I mean, they REALLY needed a European girl singing in this one to show something different. It’s like they said to the girl: sing what you like, and she did and the result was a metalcore vibe that is unwanted in this great album. But I repeat, it’s not bad, it’s just strange.

There are really crazy and technical songs like the opener Threshold, and the second song Lake of Extinction.

The greatness of this album lies in the equilibrium it offers between tracks, being heavy as hell, sometimes fast, sometimes not, but always maintaining the cohesive factor which I haven’t listened to in a band for a while.

Genetically Engineered to Enslave is out now and it is self released.

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Do you really like PURE Black Heavy Metal? Heads up for the new MORGAL date of release.

Morgal, a rara avis of purest HEAVY and BLACK metal is back to bring more destruction to headbangers!


Werewolf (the label of the guy of the same name, by the way does Satanic Warmaster ring any bells?) in conspiracy with Hells Headbangers sets the release for the new Morgal, which is self-titled, short and incisive and the date is November 30th.

The young guys (one of them is just 19 years old), two of them brothers, act like veterans and bring the purest Heavy and Black Metal tradition of Finnish Metal.

As young as the guys themselves, the group has only few releases prior to Morgal, two EP’s, one full length and a split album. The first EP is as recent as 2015!

Wait for this pure declaration of REAL extreme metal in a time that Heavy and Black metal bands are making questionable sounds that could be everything, but are not exactly metal!

Oh, you can hear one sound of the four here on Werewolf Bandcamp! Enjoy!


Tracklisting for Morgal‘s Morgal
1. Blood For Atazoth
2. Mistress Of Blood
3. The Black Goddess
4. Warcry Of The Vampire

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Sangrena premieres new video on Facebok

New Sangrena video, the third from the album Hunter.


Brazilian brutal technical Death Metal veterans Sangrena premiered their new video exclusively on Facebook this week.

This is the vide of the song The Scape recorded in Mix Estudios in the city of Amparo, Brazil.

The album Hunter was released by Darzamadicus Records of Macedonia last year and distributed in Japan. After some negotiation one thousand copies were printed in Brazil by Songs for Satan. The album is available throghout digital platforms, just go there and explode your ears. 

Sangrena started in 1998 and Hunter is their second full length. The album was produced by Fábio Ferreira and mastered in UNITED STATES by world wide famous Alan Douches (Neuraxis, Psycroptic, Serocs, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Chelsea Wolfe and many others)



The line up is:
Alan Marques (Drums)
Fábio Ferreira (Guitars)
Luciano Fedel (Vocals, Bass)
Gustavo Bonfá (Guitars)

Access other videos from Hunter on Youtube, Infernal Domination (profissionally recorded video) and Deceptive Redemption (lyric video)


(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Rodent Epoch – Rodentlord – (Saturnal)

Dirty and mean!


The filthy band Rodent Epoch is back with their debut full length after they’ve released a demo and an EP.

This time around the band goes fully into the dirty with extreme metal punk hymns and black metal attitude.

The production is a mess, and that’s that. Either you love or leave it. There’s no middle ground.

That said, the first song High On Hades implodes eardrums but it’s just the presentation of things to come.

Both Cult of Mission and Mayhem In the Courtyard Of God present a noisy form of black metal, with layers of guitar effects working as a feedback, covering the riffs, but that’s the deal. The more you go into the muck, the more you like it and decipher what’s in the backdrop. Although it may seem like a lazy way of doing things, the sound is pure metal, one just has to pass the wall of noise.  Needless to say that sometimes the vocals resounds Darkthrone.

Then comes the best song of the album called Red Heavens: it has a sort of old Satyricon riff (in a repetitive mode), bringing to the fore their full black metal side, a must hear for true metal heads.

The closer Funeral Master is another great song: imagine Venom but much, much more strident. Arrrgghh

The body count amounts to plenty of metal going through different directions but simply played for extreme and satanic rockers and headbangers. A binge in the hog pen. You might need a long shower after that!

Rodentlord  is out NOW on Saturnal.


(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Vanhelgd – Deimos Sanktuarium – Dark Descent Records (North America)

Death, Blackness, Doom and Destruction!


At  first, when the so-called New wave of OLD SCHOOL Death Metal appeared I was not so excited. All the bands sounded like an Entombed of sorts, a cheap imitation.

Vanhelgd gests a completely different path. The band works on a highly creative level. I would like to compare them to Morbid Angel, but even so, they are different from the famous American band.

Their sound NEVER gets highly fast tempos, everything is doom and desolation. No, you won’t find sludge sounds here mate, go search somewhere else, this is pure death metal, heaviest as an anvil.

Deimos Sanktuarium, the fifth full length of Vanhelgd is difficult to get with a couple of listenings. This is an opus to be fully appreciated, get your wine or you poison of preference, turn off the lights and enter the eternal darkness.

The songs are cohesive, just like in A Plea for Divine Necromancy, the opener, Så förgås världens härlighet, the second one, but it is in Vi Föddes I Samma Grav that the demon takes form and the abyss opens in front of you. Desolation and aguish is what this song has to offer. A bass line with a beautiful solo is the peak of the tune.

Even the snail-paced and repetitive The Ashes of Our Defeat makes sense in this conjuncture.

The intensity of The Silent Observer goes into a crescendo of dramatical proportions: the blasphemous vocals spews pure hate until the end when clean vocals take(s) place and are sung a capella.

The phenomenal last track Här Finns Ingen Nåd brings a conspiratorial feeling to the song with resolute guitar lines and heaviness beyond proportion.

Deimos Sanktuarium is probably different from everything you’re going to hear this year and the months that are going to follow. If you find something as good as this one, please, contact me.

Deimos Sanktuarium is out no on Dark Descent Records in North America on LP, digipack CD, jewel case CD and digital formats. European release through Pulverize records.

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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ELEGIAC – Pagan Storm – De Tenebrarum Principio

A storm of black laden riffs.. but is it really necessary?


Elegiac is a product of a modern world. As the music goes unbridled in these days of internet, bands start their own discographies and they produce as long as they want. Some call them prolific.

The fact is that with less time to appreciate whole albums back to back, Elegiac goes against the grain and Pagan Storm (honestly, the only album I’ve ever heard from Zane Young, the only member of Elegiac) can be considerate a good album or a really pain in the ass, depending on one’s mood.

Sure, production-wise, it’s perfect, really, the sound is like a Graveland mixed with Iuvenes, really good mastering, long songs, repetitive riffs and all the brouhaha.

The only different song of the album is the title track that is like a blackened thrash metal statement, but the rest of the album is mid-tempo laden music, monotonous and obscure.

The problem is, in the haste to create a biography/discography and the name for itself, the band forgets they are not Burzum or any other band I cited here. It’s always cool to listen to new bands, but in the case of Elegiac, the band has released countless stuff since 2014! (And YES, I’ve got the word a new album is coming in January!). Who is the fan who’s asking desperately for so many Elegiac releases?

The album clocks in at one hour and I imagine that I should have at least one entire day to stay inside my home listening to the entire Elegiac catalog, non-stop mode.

It’s not that bad, really, but thank you, I have some work to do…

Pagan Storm is out now on De Tenebrarum Principio and can be found as a Limited Digipak on ATFM’s site (the parent label of De Tenebrarum Principio) or in digital sound on Bandcamp


(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Vreid – Lifehunger (Season of Mist)

This a masterpiece. And masterpieces are hard to describe.


Vreid started from the ashes of Windir, started as a pure Black Metal statement, and on each album they’ve been becoming better and better. I believe Lifehunger is their zenith so far!

This album is what I want in an album: aggressive, soulful, metal, creative!

One the best bands that hail from Norway nowadays (hands down!) along with Enslaved, Borknagar, Iskald and Solefald, this album just proves that they deserve even more for their approach on Black Metal.

After the acoustic starter Flowers and Blood, the band goes on a black metal binge in the song One Hundres Years, with excellent musicianship, although not so fancy, but heck, they play so full of energy that it’s impossible to stay put. The band goes to some clean vocals, just to return to a pure Nordic Black Metal attack, varying tempos and nuances.

The thrasher Lifehunger is aggressive and calls quickly for a black metal blast beat, and as the song veers to the dark side, out of the blue they give a nod to Metallica’s Enter Sandman (or Excel if you know what I REALLY mean), this musical piece a variation of that music with raspy vocals spewing blasphemies just to return to the killer riff and black metal mode. Man, this is one of the best things I’ve heard this year!

The party continues on the Dead White with a dramatic riff, and heavy metal mid-tempo, a must for those who just want to headbang. Over again the song changes, but this time, it’s a beautiful acoustic guitar that takes place… well shortly, just to explode again in a lethal metal.

The strange track here is Hello Darkness, maybe because the black metal growls are abandoned in favor of a more post-punk approach. Clean vocals all the way and simpler riffs don’t prevent the song of being extremely heavy in this strange concept.

Black Rites in the Black Nights has a punctuate way of singing, (the black vocals are back here), the song is extremely heavy but not fast and it’s the longest song of the album, 6+ minutes. It’s the more progressive among the others.

Ha, now they are back in the terrorist mode with the Sokrates Must Die. Fast as fuck, a mix between black and thrash (interestingly enough not blackened thrash metal) it goes to some uncharted territory, maybe with something of Sarke, but so much faster.

Heimatt closes the album with a melancholic note, but the tune has a crescendo of riffs and the final solo is inspiring. It’s a instrumental song, where they bet everything and they WIN!

Lifehunger is not an experimental album though. Vreid, although the accented difference from the previous albums, continues to be a black metal band, not some avant-garde venture. But they simply use the black metal as their basis and put what they want inside, over and between. That’s not a salad. It’s the most incredible form of music!

Lifehunger is out NOW on Season of Mist.

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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