Kyy – Beyond Flesh – Beyond Matter – Beyond Death – Saturnal

Beyond matter there’s only blackness.


I don’t have repeat the obvious, but I will do anyway: Finland has the most satanic black metal bands in the world. Kyy is another one to the biggest pantheon they already have, with this debut album (their first release was last year’s  Travesty of Light)

The song here is a muffed black metal. I know muffed is not even a good word to describe a black metal band, but the production is a middle ground between the true mudded sound and some balanced audible music.

Strange as it may sound in a first spin, the album gets one by his balls: raspy, aghast, horrific music only for fans of Baptism, Sargeist, Horna, Behexen and Azaghal.

Songs like Legio Serpenti, Death Within and mainly the desperation of Reditus pay dividends if one absorbs properly the noxious gasses emanated by the band.

Panta Rhei is a pure black metal insanity, none so vile, second to none: fast drumming, classical Scandinavian riffs, heartless music for insensitive minds.

It’s all straightforward blackness with doubled vocals, like demons in a bottomless chasm of destruction, spewing blasphemies all over as in the track Erecting Temple of Adversary

There’s no attribute to this band other than pure perfectness! This is the kind of sound I’d listen everyday, all day long, if I had the opportunity to do so.

Beyond Flesh – Beyond Matter – Beyond Death  is out now on Saturnal 

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Ancillotti – Strike Back – Pure Steel Records

Sophomore Heavy Metal attack.


This second album of the Italian Ancilloti is a mix of heavy metal and hard rock in the vein of the classic bands of the style, sounding more Germanic than Italian, but as a European band I believe that it sounds right.

Ancillotti shows that their potential sometimes is obscured by the production which sounds shabby for the kind of sound they try to do: I mean, the compositions are really good, the musicianship as the soloing are very good as well, I cannot complain, but sometimes it sounds mudded by subpar mixing and mastering.

To Hell with you and Immortal Idol show this kind of approach where the feeling of rock n roll is alive and heavy metal runs rampant with riffs of pure ode to heavy metal, and solos that are screaming to traditional ears.

Fight roars the metalheads to fight in the name of the rock. Hell yeah, I’m totes into that battle. Over again the guitars here are the main course as well as the refrain!

Firestater is more of a hardrocker, good song, forged in the fires of the 1980’s, not impressive really, but the guys have the guts to try their hands on that!

As the album oscillates in this fair balance between rockers and steels, there is one rotten apple called Lonely Road. It remembers Saxon’s worst moments, and the voice of our hero here, Daniele “Bud” Ancillotti (Strana Officina) doesn’t work very well, really and it sounds a little corny.

Life is for living compensates for the aforementioned mistake and is certain hit! Although there is only one problem, it doesn’t sound as heavy as it is intended.

The drumming of Brian Ancillotti is totally correct and hard but, over again it sounds inoffensive in the final mix.

This album needs one thing: a REMASTERING. It’s just been released, but they should consider this kind of approach should they have the opportunity to do so.

Strike Back is a good metal album that will get the old schoolers of trad metal by the balls, I’m certain of that!

Strike Back is being released TODAY via Pure Steel Records.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Death Metal onslaught from US


Released originally in March and now out in vinyl this death metal band is a bulldozer that sees no limits for its own destruction.

Containing 10 tracks of purest noise guided by the old school but with a proper sound, this is a metal salvation.

Opener Sanguiniac is highly toxic metal, so if a poseur you are don’t even get any nearer.

Murderous Thirst has a non-stop drumming with a tremendous wall of noise that is made to torn people apart, it really shows what this band is capable of.

By the third attack Relentless Revenge, the kind of the sound the band nurtures becomes definitely the norm and a nuclear train is no match for the sound they execute here played with magnificent force and hatefulness for the humankind, non-stop death metal madness, no “tech”, only a brutal form of inherited revulsion… from hell!!!

There is no stop and no sympathy for anyone’s eardrums in the track Psychopathic Awakenings which is raw as fuck and certainly the death metal kiddos won’t get such aggressiveness and won’t never understand why a band can be so cruel in their approach of their own music.

The rest of the tracks follow suit and there’s not much to say about it, but certainly some won’t do it until the end of the opus.

Surgikill is a band that totes has my vote and will deserve several spins, totally infernal and relentless that is what I used to call death metal back in the day.

Sanguinary Revelations LP is out TODAY on HELLS HEADBANGERS.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Black Funeral – Ankou and the Death Fire CD/LP – Iron Bonehead / Dark Adversary

Staying true to traditional Black Metal.


Old is cool and every fucking body knows that. But Black Funeral never betrayed the essence of pure black metal, a thing that is rare in the era of PC shoegaze pseudo-depressive fad. No melodies, no cool production, only the traditional sound from the deep abyss of lo-fi destruction.

With all technology available is impossible to imagine a band that can record something that remembers the old days, but somewhat Black Funeral, the original USBM band managed to do that.

The opener Shadows of Obour is an ode to the atonal rifferama, sunken guitars, no audible bass (if there’s any) and yet it’s an extremely interesting track that develops with gusto for Darkthrone-like style, never-changing tempo and repetitive phrases a là A Blaze in the Northern Sky. A chef d’oeuvre lemme say.

The title track is more like an earworm, but don’t get me wrong, this is as primitive as one can get. The work is a pure destructive invocation from netherworld, with compassed drums, with a puny yet audible ride cymbals.

Another highlight is The Morrigan (Battle Crow) that starts as mid-tempo black metal and explodes itself into a brutal form of primeval black metal.

Black Funeral is alive and kicking, which is rare nowadays, but heck that’s the real deal: amongst one thousand bands claiming they play “black metal” is good to separate the wheat from the chaff. Black Funeral is a premiere band for premiere die-hards, any doubt about that?

Ankou and the Death Fire will be available in LP and CD with different covers on September 9th  on Iron Bonehead / Dark Adversary 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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PROFANATICA – The Curling Flame of Blasphemy (CD, LP, TAPE) – Hells Headbangers

The perfection comes in forms of iteration.


Profanatica is no strange name for the old cultists and die-hard metallers. They have been around for quite a time although they haven’t achieved the “glorious path” of mainstream propaganda preferring to stay put in the truest underground.

Their 2016 album is the legacy of all the things the band has been working through. Mid-tempo songs, low-pitched vocals, blasphemous invocations, minimal editing, simplest form of songwriting, and yet The Curling Flame of Blasphemy is essential for those who thing they are “evil”.

Ordained in Bile and March to Golgotha are finest samples of low-file production allied with veteran musicianship, to create a simple but extreme efficient form of offensive music.

The track Black Hymna evokes everything primitive, it must be a true inspiration for headbangers of today.

Host Over Cup is a bunch of blasphemous screams in the background like curses from the eternal abyss of destruction.

While Rotten Scriptures continues its binge towards the chasm of desolation, Yahweh Rejected is terminated without edition to give place to Bleed Heavenly Kingdom so my question is: how much primitive one can get?

This album has 10 tracks that are practically identical which I appreciate because if one song pulls my attention, automatically the others do.

 Honestly if you don’t enjoy Profanatica, you can stick to your post-rock joke. Leave the Satanic stuff to real ones.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Blaak Heat – Shifting Mirrors – Svart Records

The Arabic metal from France.


This is a unique band, progressive rock metal and Arabic sounds mixed as one.

In fact, this band is great because of the cohesive factor, it doesn’t not seem a salad, it’s rather good music.

The instrumental is second to none with influence of Krautrock, Zeuhl, Prog Metal, but the problem here is the vocals. No, they are not that bad, but hell it seems an imitation of Ozzy. If they didn’t exist so the listener could concentrate himself in the marvelous instrumental factor. But I guess one must take it as it comes.

About the one million influences in the press release, I thought it was a bit of hyperbolical, as if it was that way the sound would be incomprehensible and that’s not the case here, as they experiment in their own avant garde way but Shifting Mirrors sounds more like a Seventies hard rock album reminiscent of psych music than a proper progressive opera in the form of ELP or King Crimson. For sure, it’s simpler than that.

A good trip for those who want to hear something very different of it’s being done in the musical market as of today.

Shifting Mirrors  is out now on Svart Records .


(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Omen – Hammer Damage – Pure Steel Records

The cult from US never dies. Power Metal at its best.


Nostalgic people don’t be sad. Omen is back and with a great power metal opus! Consisting of 9 tracks of pure old school metal, the band delivers what is best in the world of true metal music.

Many people will say that it’s just a bunch of old acts trying to sound old in a time that old is wanted. That’s the whole truth, nobody has illusions about that but it’s where the charm resides as well.

Hammer Damage and Chaco Canyon starts the binge of pure power metal mania, showing that the true is still alive. For those who don’t know, Omen is no new band trying to sound old. They are old, trying to sound themselves.

The best track is Cry Havoc with an intricate sound, it’s not catchy and that’s exactly what caught me:  Strange tempos at behest of originality in an old but efficient infrastructure.

Another great track is Era of Crisis, a sound to be remembered. Strong guitar attacks although the production sounds somewhat modest, but really, who cares? The real metallers don’t go for that!

The track A.F.U is a prodigious instrumental tune with like one thousand solos, that kind of heavy metal that lives up to its name.

Hammer Damage by Omen is a force to be reckoned with. If you doubt just take a heed, if you don’t like it a poser you are dear Sir.

Hammer Damage  is out now on Pure Steel Records.  


(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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