Vomit Angel – Imprint of Extinction LP/CD – Iron Bonehead

Pornogrind or bestial Black Metal?


Okay, Vomit Angel from Denmark (not to be confused with Wömit Angel from Finland) is a relatively unknown band that has released an EP in 2017 and now is coming back with a full.

The impression is that the band is a full-time bestial black metal (also known as Blackened Death metal), but by hearing the opus, totally punk-hardcore drumming, 4/4 tempo, short songs, sometimes very guttural vocals lead to a doubt: what the heck this band is trying to say?

My doubt is because, normally a genuine satanic band take themselves more seriously, and in this case the whole thing sounds like a joke. Grindnoise bands normally do.

So, it seems that they aimed at one style and got another. That it’s what makes things confusing.  Guys like me work with a certain degree of parameter. There is none here.

That is not to say that the band is the most terrible thing ever.

Songs like USG or Hobo in the Woods are totally my thing. Very simple riffage, repetitive indeed. But there are some really strange things like Vomits, with, well, sounds of vomits…

This is a 28-minute 20-track album, if one counts the bonuses, and although it’s very gross, it’s impossible to classify.

The conclusion is very simple: if they are trying just to be funny, they got into someplace. If they are trying to show some bestial metal, they failed miserably. There is not a simple conclusion here, but focusing only in sound, in all its extreme simplicity, it’s not bad.

But honestly, I expected more.

Imprint of Extinction by Vomit Angel will be available on LP/CD on  Iron Bonehead and it will be out on July 19th.

Rating: 6/10


(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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DENIAL OF GOD – The Shapeless Mass – Osmose Productions / Hells Headbangers

The comeback of Black Horror Metal.


Denial of God is a name that has gained some relevance as of late. Black metal acts as they are, they are getting better and better, albeit this doesn’t translate in a better sound (like in the big guns as Dark Funeral or Watain for exemple). They remain organic and true to the underground.

That said this is an EP (they seem to have a fetish for EP’s) comprising of 4 tracks

The title track opens the opus: an epic track of some 9 minutes or so, this song has lots of variations of phrases and/or tempos. It takes sometime to fully understand it, and that is what it makes the song charming. Only one phrase repeats itself (with variations in between) and the final is a continuous binge of crescendo: first a bass, than a guitar riff over, than explosive drumming and finally vocals, those added to the end of the track.

Second track called The Statues are Watching is the fastest and best track of all EP: the attack here is relentless and put one’s hears on notice. Variating between what I call a back metal blastbeat (you know, the Norwegian kind) and syncopated drumming through a dramatic sound a la Bathory’s Twilight of the Gods (yes the track is THAT CRAZY), this track can reach all senses in less than 6 minutes of perfect sound. Wow!

Third track is a Bathory cover, Call from The Grave which is very alike to the original. Great thing is that in this musical context is doesn’t sound like a filler.

Last track Mama Loi, papa Loi, is an Exuma cover, very dark metal rather than outright black metal. Good thing is that it doesn’t lose its relevance to the opus.

The Shapeless Mass as all other DOG works, counts as a full length. Maybe because they don’t have that amount of full lengths so anything new should be treated as such. Another great release.

The Shapeless Mass  IS OUT next Friday on Osmose Productions / Hells Headbangers  

Rating: 8/10

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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ROTTING CHRIST / VARATHRON – Duality of the Unholy Existence (split 7″ EP) – Hells Headbangers

The perfect split.


No reason, no rhyme, Hells headbangers throws this bomb onto us: this very hateful split of the best black metal bands from Hellas.

Although none of the tracks show anything really new, I think that’s the point. Together they clock in at nine minutes.

Rotting Christ track is called Spiritus Sancti: it could be easily taken from the session records of the last album. The riffs are pure RC, as are the vocals and the drums. The evil spirit makes itself present while the track is spinning. A must-hear.

Varathron track is called Shaytan and very same can be said, except that Varathron haven’t changed that lot since the beginning of their career as RC have. So, although less famous, is instantly recognizable. The sound here being more organic than the Rotting Christ track.

It really can’t be said that one track is better than the other because they are the best that  each band can offer, and they are hell of songs.

But more than being a release that is deemed to be essential, it’s more like a gift for die hards of the classic Hellenic scene. One can’t really go wrong with that.

Duality of the Unholy Existence (split 7″ EP) will be ou on July 28 on Hells Headbangers limited in 999 copies.

Rating: 8,5/10

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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KAT – Without Looking Back – PURE STEEL PROMOTION

Polish metal Masters are back!


A new-born classic has arrived. Kat is one of the most traditional bands in the history of metal. Period.

But forget their “black metal” phase, this is PURE Heavy metal. 10 songs that clocks in at 60 minutes, maybe some moments are not so monumental, but hell, it’s not everyday we hear a sing along album like that!

The opener, Black Night in my chair is a helluva warmer, it sets up the MO of the entire album, although I have to confess that the second track Poker is not my fave, but that kind of accident happens more often than not.

Great songs follow like in Medieval Fire with guitars heavy than hell, The Race for Life that has the best chorus of the album.

But my absolute favorites are the sequence: Wild and Walls Of Whispers. If I had to choose I’d pick the latter, but for different reasons: the former is a hell of rocker, epic as epic can be, however there’s a extended final with synths. The latter is more direct, and what a song man, what a song. Impossible to not sing by heart!

The other tunes are bonuses (not really bonuses, but they add more fun to the bill.)

The closer The Promised Land is the different one: it’s a ballad in its core, but by the end of the song it becomes a pure metal heavier than a tractor.

The bottom line is that we are talking about one of the most classic heavy metal bands in history. Can you give me more please?

Without Looking Back is out now on PURE STEEL PROMOTION.

Rating: 9/10.

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Misþyrming – Algleymi – Norma Evangelium Diaboli.

When a new generation comes with really good ideas.


Misþyrming is not a strange name for those who are connected inside black metal. But as the “old Norwegian” way of making black metal saturated, (that was some 10 years ago), bands started to have really strange ideas, and I’m not even talking about avant-garde bands: they tried to reinvent the wheel. Shoegaze, folk-pop, DSBM, boring sounds, you name it. Like Fenriz said: “There’s way too much black And there’s too little metal”

But over the course of the years I heard really good ideas, call It “modern black metal”, “new black metal”, for me it’s just metal updated. And that’s exactly what Misþyrming does with their new album Algleymi: excellent sound, totally different from the “original sound”, not exactly avant-garde and yet metal as fuck!

This sophomore album of these Icelanders is a mid-tempo effort that pays off: songs like Ísland steingelda krummaskuð is an innovative way to assert the old. Riffs that can be both interpreted like being Viking or just metal in extreme form, at the same time melodic without being cheap. Its abundance of production shows that these cats are not joking around. Black Metal for the music sake.

The strangest track is Hælið that is DSBM and adds nothing to the opus, being the only flaw of the album.

Apart of that, is just an excellent album culminating in the final title track: aggressive and melodic, this song is a trip and it appeals to several nuances of black metal.

That’s the quality of Misþyrming: they converse with everybody, they include everybody; from the curious to the die hards, their property is to play an comprehensive sound, and for that they deserve to be where they are today, soon to be a great name between the great ones.

Algleymi is out now via Norma Evangelium Diaboli.

Rating 9/10

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Sanguinary Trance – Wine, Song and Sacrifice (self-released)

Industrial Black Metal or askew bedroom project?


Let’s get to the point: this is a mess. Why? Because (of) the production.

Oh, the production, every guy talks about it, but here it’s the focal point: everything here sounds electronic, the drumming seems to be recorded in 1986, and the guitars use a strange distortion that amounts to pure reverb! Confusing is the final result.

Formed in Austria, the guy (or girl who knows?) wants to keep his identity secret, playing the Batushka/Ghost card. Won’t work here. I’m not EVEN curious to know his/her/IT identity. So one has to stay with the music which is not a good black metal deal.

Granted, the person shows a skill in musicianship by not committing mistakes like playing out of time. Other thing that is clear is that he/she/it wants to create a kind of melodic/progressive sound given what one can hear by the spatial guitars, but apart of that it is just a mess of high-pitched sound in syncopated drumming that was badly programmed.

What would save this album from total disgrace? Something very simple: delegating the production to someone else, like capturing, mixing and mastering.

It’s my motto that nobody can understand thus liking a song without spinning it several times. Several times here mean wear out its welcome.

Wine, Song and Sacrifice by Sanguinary Trance is out now and can be heard digitally – (and downloaded for free) on Bandcamp. (https://sanguinarytrance.bandcamp.com/)

Rating: 5/10

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Ares Kingdom – By the Light of Their Destruction LP/CD  – Nuclear War Now! Productions 

The empire of blackened thrash is back.


As aggressive as ever, Ares Kingdom returns with this excellent album By the Light of Destruction. Being a long-time fan, somethings sound very obvious at the very first spinning: the songs are excellent.

Never meant to be the favorite “thrash metal” band of the modern kids (or in other words, never meant to be Metallica) these titans show an aggressive, dirty but efficient sound, sometimes repetitive, never melodic, and always headbanging to the core.

An example of that is Burn, Antares (Scorpius Diadem) with a great riff and the vocals seems to never start, just after 2 minutes (the song clocks in at 5 minutes). The variations between black/non-black beats are the thing and the desperation is different from Other From Chaos, more like a mix of Bestial Mockery and Sacred Reich (if the later were rustier and eviler).

All the disc is very noisy but another tune that deserves citation is Eighteen Degrees Beneath, a delicious piece of infernal vomit, for die-hards only (as always). The difference here is that their previous album called The Unburiable Dead used the First World War as a backdrop and this one seems to have no central theme on it.

The tribal sounds of Talis Chimera Est announce the end of the album (in a total of 8 tracks). It may be that more often than not I say that the most violent track is kept to close the album and in this very case is the truth. Warlike anthem of unspeakable dissonance and rampage, Ares Kingdom perfects the proposal of the album in this track.

A must-hear album, if you haven’t listened you should, if you won’t, you deserve to die.

By the Light of Their Destruction is out NOW on LP/CD on Nuclear War Now! Productions

Rating: 8/10

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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