Ares Kingdom – By the Light of Their Destruction LP/CD  – Nuclear War Now! Productions 

The empire of blackened thrash is back.


As aggressive as ever, Ares Kingdom returns with this excellent album By the Light of Destruction. Being a long-time fan, somethings sound very obvious at the very first spinning: the songs are excellent.

Never meant to be the favorite “thrash metal” band of the modern kids (or in other words, never meant to be Metallica) these titans show an aggressive, dirty but efficient sound, sometimes repetitive, never melodic, and always headbanging to the core.

An example of that is Burn, Antares (Scorpius Diadem) with a great riff and the vocals seems to never start, just after 2 minutes (the song clocks in at 5 minutes). The variations between black/non-black beats are the thing and the desperation is different from Other From Chaos, more like a mix of Bestial Mockery and Sacred Reich (if the later were rustier and eviler).

All the disc is very noisy but another tune that deserves citation is Eighteen Degrees Beneath, a delicious piece of infernal vomit, for die-hards only (as always). The difference here is that their previous album called The Unburiable Dead used the First World War as a backdrop and this one seems to have no central theme on it.

The tribal sounds of Talis Chimera Est announce the end of the album (in a total of 8 tracks). It may be that more often than not I say that the most violent track is kept to close the album and in this very case is the truth. Warlike anthem of unspeakable dissonance and rampage, Ares Kingdom perfects the proposal of the album in this track.

A must-hear album, if you haven’t listened you should, if you won’t, you deserve to die.

By the Light of Their Destruction is out NOW on LP/CD on Nuclear War Now! Productions

Rating: 8/10

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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ELEGIAC – Pagan Storm – De Tenebrarum Principio

A storm of black laden riffs.. but is it really necessary?


Elegiac is a product of a modern world. As the music goes unbridled in these days of internet, bands start their own discographies and they produce as long as they want. Some call them prolific.

The fact is that with less time to appreciate whole albums back to back, Elegiac goes against the grain and Pagan Storm (honestly, the only album I’ve ever heard from Zane Young, the only member of Elegiac) can be considerate a good album or a really pain in the ass, depending on one’s mood.

Sure, production-wise, it’s perfect, really, the sound is like a Graveland mixed with Iuvenes, really good mastering, long songs, repetitive riffs and all the brouhaha.

The only different song of the album is the title track that is like a blackened thrash metal statement, but the rest of the album is mid-tempo laden music, monotonous and obscure.

The problem is, in the haste to create a biography/discography and the name for itself, the band forgets they are not Burzum or any other band I cited here. It’s always cool to listen to new bands, but in the case of Elegiac, the band has released countless stuff since 2014! (And YES, I’ve got the word a new album is coming in January!). Who is the fan who’s asking desperately for so many Elegiac releases?

The album clocks in at one hour and I imagine that I should have at least one entire day to stay inside my home listening to the entire Elegiac catalog, non-stop mode.

It’s not that bad, really, but thank you, I have some work to do…

Pagan Storm is out now on De Tenebrarum Principio and can be found as a Limited Digipak on ATFM’s site (the parent label of De Tenebrarum Principio) or in digital sound on Bandcamp


(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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When hell breaks loose.


Kommandant is a band that takes no prisoners: their attack is rabid and intransigent. But this time around the American band is working on a new level. A better one.

The first albums, although seem a musical progression of the band, showed a brutal form of war metal championed by bands like Blasphemy and the likes. Now they upgraded their production to a more understandable production: don’t get me wrong, there are more noxious than ever, but instead of sound like of an Ampütator of sorts, they reached a Marduk level.

Of course, nothing here is aping the Swedish band because Kommandant has enough fuel to create their own brand of Black Metal and man, they destroy!

Absolutum is a large intro, while the menace continues on the second track Blood Eel, where nothing happens at first minutes, just to explode in a brutal Black Metal with blasts all over one’s face!

What is the most important thing about this album? The riffs, of course. They get you in the title track and also in the third one called The Struggle: the extended repetition of them makes it easy to understand and to learn the riffs by heart with a few spins, which make this one the best song of the album. It isn’t just simple black metal, the intricacies are there, the difference are in the iterations.

The same happens with the fourth track called Ice Giant that unfortunately is not so cool as The Struggle, but the long phrases are there: clocking in at almost 10 minutes, it’s impossible to not learn the hopes of this song in particular.

Cimmerian Thrust takes a more dramatic turn, of course maintaining the cohesive factor of the album, but with some spoken words in between. The beginning and the final part of the songs preserves the killer riffage.

Aeon Generator with its metaphysic feelings, it’s just like a black hole of madness and extermination: without any doubt, the heavier tune of the album. The blatant and fierce drum attack causes confusion and are indicated only for die-hards of the style. Perfection in destruction.

Finally, the 8-minute long Moon… The Last Man packs the album with a torrent of violent music, the riffs with the drums being the stars over again here.

Maybe it’s difficult to fathom music by just reading about it, and in this particular case I couldn’t agree more. Blood Eel is an album that deserves to be truly listened and it will make the joy of those who can’t get enough of brutal music in their lives.

Bloody Eel is available NOW via ATMF on a 300-unit A5 edition and on 4-panel digipak!

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Palace of Worms – The Ladder – Sentient Ruin Laboratories

Is USBM alive?


Palace of Worms is a typical USBM band: non-linear riffs, yet it shows harsh vocals that are inherent to black metal. But alien elements (must I call them experimental, I don’t think so) enter in the music here and there.

Some say the band is “depressive” black metal, yet it has upbeat elements to prove otherwise.

Palace of Worms is a strange but a good band that deviated from the norm, tries to catch up in the black metal bandwagon, but after some years of American Black Metal trying to invert the senses of what people should perceive as BM, the fans know better.

The fact here is POW is a black metal band in the essence. But external elements that go to and fro are so many, that they became orphans in the labeling land.

The band has its moments in tracks like Nightworld and the excellent An Innate Sickness.

Creative with few black metal pieces to explore, POW do what it has to do and get things done with sinister riffs, somber passages, but not as sad as it was intended to be. Authentic or not (and I think it is) The Ladder is a good album, complex in its simplicity (no I’m not trying to use oxymoron just for the sake of it). But strange as it may sound, Palace of Worms sounds a little bit out of the black metal clique. Is USBM alive?

The Ladder is out now on Sentient Ruin Laboratories


(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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The demented sound of Profanatica is back. Cover and tracklisting revealed.

The most demented, brutal, unorthodox, inverted, desecrating black metal band in the planet is back.


The demented and uncompromising storm of of black metal madness from USA is coming back with their next album called The Curling Flame of Blasphemy set to be released via Hells Headbangers.

Arguably their most extreme release to date, The Curling Flame of Blasphemy will contain 10 tracks of pure dementia. After albums like Profanatitas de Domonatia, Disgusting Blasphemies Against God and Thy Kingdom Cum (one more extreme than the other) Profanatica promises waves of extreme mental disorder though their satanic approach of their music. 

Programmed to be release this summer in North America (Winter in South Hemisphere) the intense, perverted and disgusting sound of Profanatica‘s The Curling Flame of Blasphemy set the track list as it follows: 

1. Ordained in Bile
2. March to Golgotha
3. Magic & Muhr
4. Black Hymna
5. Host Over Cup
6. Rotten Scriptures
7. Yahweh Rejected
8. Bleed Heavenly Kingdom
9. Vile Blessing
10. Curling Flame

And here is the album art, more information coming soon here on Dark Souls United (click to enlarge the cover)

profanatica (2)

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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All Hell – The Red Sect – Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

The cult of UH!


This is the sophomore album of All Hell, a then unknown band for me, and of course I haven’t heard their first offering. I should. Because this thing is intense!

When one puts the album to spin it is just ordinary stuff, and then the surprises, metallic surprises, infernal surprises, trve and kvlt svrprises start to appear, at first peeping through the window, shy, then taking all over the place in a warlike assault with violence, brutality and rape!

Listening to the first track Crossroads was a non-emotional experience, I said, “Damn, another CD, let’s go and hear it”: a metal punk in the vein of Nekrofilth and Tiger Junkies, very D-beat, nothing impressive as there is a kind of tendency to do this kind of music.

However by the third track called Venomous one starts to notice something really true… some familiar riffs, what is that? Fuck, I know that is old, but is it German Thrash? No definitely not? Some obscure Black Metal band from Hungary or Poland? Wrong guess so what is that? Let’s continue listening…

Graveyard Dust gives some clue: this sounds like Toxic Holocaust but this is not a copy. So what then? Wait! Another piece in the enigma: by reading the press release one discovers that the producer is Joel Grind. Hell…

Then comes In My Command, and as the blood starts to boil and a compelling force to headbang comes over, the enigma is solved: CELTIC FROST. It was there all the time, this thing is a copy of Circle of The Tyrants… is this a bad thing? Man, Celtic FUCKING Frost is never a bad thing. Jacob Curwen takes the form of Thomas Gabriel Fischer… fuck this, it is TOM WARRIOR! And the UH’s are all over the place if you know what I mean!

Blackshape dares to go further and takes the form of Venom

But there’s no way to escape, The Unseen shows the Celtic Frost-esque experience over again, with some fast black metal parts like Immortal, but that is just a spasm.

Funeral Feast reserves another surprise… the sound is like BATHORY! I could swear I was listening to The Reaper… Fuck dude, this is true to the core.

The outcome: a killer CD, a fiesta of satanic proportions where demons, whores and cocaine are abundant, take your drink and headbang between a porn star tits: IN HELL!

The Red Sect  will be out on October 16th on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Nekrofilth – Filling My Blood With Poison… (Lp) – Hells Headbangers

21-minutes of pure filth!


Nekrofilth, for those who still don’t know is a metalpunk band from US formed by Nunslaughter member Zack Rose.

Filling My Blood with Poison… actually is a demo recorded in 2009 and released now, so expect a live-low budged sound (with) intermingled instruments in a mass of punk noise!

The songs are reminiscent of the great and immortal Discharge of course, but with lots of black metal influences like Hellhammer (who themselves were influenced by Discharge).

The tracks are short beginning with Filled With Disease a rapid hardcore with high-pitched guitars recorded in a worst possible way. Rad!

Other great song is Worship Destruction that is punk as fuck remembering some Chaos UK from the first album.

The fifty-second Get Fucked is so brutal and satanic it rips!

There is even a quasi-unrecognizable cover of GBH Necrophilia, played much faster than the original!

Filling My Blood With Poison… is like a live gig captured by lousy mics and without overdubs. I recommend if you want to raise some hell!

Filling My Blood With Poison… (Lp)  is out now on  Hells Headbangers.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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