Halloween real horror: Bestial Warlust is back but for one gig only!

Nothing to do on this Halloween? What about a date with SATAN HIMSELF?


Arguably one of the most satanic bands of all time, Bestial Warlust is back, but for one gig only in Melbourne, Australia. The support band is none less than the brutalists of Cemetery Urn.

This is what I call a hell on Earth or even an apocalyptic event.

Tickets aren’t for sale as of yet. But heads up: once they are, they aren’t! The search for it will be intense since die-hards for whole world will go down under to see this unique event that (to add insult to injury) will be performed by the original line-up. How primitive a show can get?

Bestial Warlust was formed in 1990 in Victoria under the name of Corpse Molestation and recorded a couple of demos back then. But, three years later they were renamed Bestial Warlust and recorded the seminal satanic war metal opus called Vengeance War ’till Death in the same year.

Along with Blasphemy (who recorded their sophomore album, Gods of war in the same year), Beherit and their countrymen of Sadistik Exekution, they help pioneer the Bestial Black Metal style (when even the boys in Norway were just… eh… boys) propagating chaos and terror worldwide.

They recorded another album (Blood & Valour), and then the band called it quits in 1997.

Their importance proved to be lasting and that’s why, 26 years after, one cannot lose this satanic date which will be on All Hallows Eve, on Croxton Hotel, Thornbury.



(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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DEIPHAGO – I, The Devil – Hells Headbangers


Give the devil his due.


Deiphago, the Filipino phenomenon that is taking over the bestial blackened death metal, sets off another disgraceful opus, getting better and better but never compromising their most disgraceful sound.

If you don’t know them, just go check Filipino Antichrist, Satan Alpha Omega and Into the Eye of Satan, only for die-hards, and the most “hardcore” fans of extremity at its limits.

Of course, if you ever read in some interview that I, The Devil is their best work you MUST believe in them.

One of the most waited 2019 albums by me, I, The Devil explodes, after an intro, into a track called Quantum Death. And from the outset one realizes they get into strange tempos in an ever-chaotic vortex of destruction.

Congruently, Neuro-Satanic Circuit follows suit, with a sound which is 100% untold merciless attack. Forget the old names of the style, here Deiphago brings lawlessness to a whole new level!

11/4/6 is the showcase of the ultimate horror and noisy perfection. Yes perfection. Although for the majority of “headbangers” this may sound just like noise, Deiphago perfected their sound to something singular. No band ever sounded like them as they sound in I, The Devil.

But here are my two faves: Chaos Protocols and Anti-Cosmic Trigger.

The former shows a spectacularly well-done kind of infamy. The song is sort of serpentine, but never ever losing its true blackened death bestial appeal. Think about this: a noise so severe that for a moment hides the great and inventive musicians that they are.

But the Icing in the Cake is the latter (Anti-Cosmic Trigger). Just imagine you work in a factory. Just imagine that something goes very wrong with the equipment and all hells break loose. That’s the basis of the sound. Just imagine that things can get worse, when one of the parts of this very equipment comes in a constant velocity into your direction making a non-stop but constant noise, that will crush your bones to pieces. That is the song and the change of tempo, and what the drums sound like. I’ve never, ever in my entire life, heard something like this. I thought, man this so fucking cool! I tried to link with another tune in my mind, but it was nowhere to be found.

Last track, self-titled is a trip and a collection of what the album is. The delay in vocals makes one believe that the sound is instrumental, which is not. And the final words are spooky.

Simply put: if you like “normal” death metal or normal black metal you may hate it. It’s not for you. But if you’re into REAL AGGRESSION, this album is totally legit. One of a kind and the best extreme album of the year. I doubt that it’s going to be another one in the next years.

 I, The Devil is due to be release on Hells Headbangers in CD, LP, TAPE on April 30th 2019.

Rating 10/10


(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Rites of Thy Degringolade – The Universe in Three Parts TAPE – Nuclear War Now! Productions

One-song demo to rule all.


The Canadian cult does the work with just one song!

The black/death band Rites of Thy Degringolade recorded and released this demo originally in 2016 but now it’s being re-released by NWN! In tape.

The only song is a 7-minute muddy track with the same name where some instruments are deliberately put in the background, while others (the drum rides for example) have a crystal clear sound.

The rule here is of a chaotic nature, but the first 100 seconds are made of mid-tempo “intro” varying the tones, causing an ominous confusion until it flares up to an uncontrolled sound comprised of fast drums and topsy-turvy bellows (albeit with some pattern along the way if listened with attention)

This tape is an essential item to all die-hards and followers of ROTD.

The Universe in Three Parts is out now in tape on Nuclear war Now!

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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The truest fest in America is Back: Hells Headbash!

Hells Headbash is back with incredible attractions


The most brutal festival of USA, Hells Headbash is in its third installment and is bringing something new on the bill.

Set to be  three-day festival in September in Cleveland/OH, the news are bands performing first American appearances ever such as:  Goat Semen, Atomic Aggressor, ScythianDemona, and Armour. Plus the fest will show very rare attractions such as Intolitarian and Void Meditation Cult

Other bands that will destroy the place are Angelcorpse, Grand Belial’s Key, and Demoncy. Of course there is much more in three days in this satanic binge into hell itself. 

See the full list of bands:
Goat Semen
Grand Belial’s Key
Atomic Aggressor
Void Meditation Cult
Hobbs’ Angel of Death
Toxic Holocaust
Power From Hell
Acid Witch
Perdition Temple
Terror (Cleveland)
Shed The Skin
Rotten UK


Tickets can be purchased here: https://hellsheadbash.yapsody.com/event/index/28938/hells-headbash-part-3

Run for your lives, because they will run out fast as the speed of light. 

Official poster:


(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Impurity (Brazil) / Sex Messiah – Vomiting Blasphemies Over The World – split LP – Nuclear War Now! Productions

Nippo-Brazilian anti-christian assault!


The Brazilian Beherit is back. Impurity is one of the prides of Brazilian headbanger. I remember when a magazine of the 1990’s talked a lot of bad shit about The Lamb’s Fury (Their first album that I have in vinyl up until these days) I said to myself: well, if this poseur magazine is saying that everything in this album is poor I’ll invest in it. BINGO. The album is now a classic.

But they never disappeared always sneaking in the pure underground, and now after the consecrated Bonfim Moritvri Mortivis, they are back with this new attack with only three tracks by their side and explosive atmospheres of pure profanation against the corpse of Jesus Crust.

The sounds are again ugly, the three tracks are practically identical, the instruments are audible and the ambience is pure evil!

Sex Messiah is a Japanese band with Brazilian accent of the good and ol’ Sarcófago and the metal punk of Discharge. Forget about Tiger Junkies, this band is much more aggressive. No quarter and no compromise within the 4 tracks that are the framework of their side of the split, I daresay they are even more morbid then Impurity but I’ll leave this one for you, reader.

As a matter of fact this split speaks volume that the goatic school of satanic death/black metal is still alive and kicking because the fire of diabolical force is eternal. Only for die-hards of Beherit, Sarcófago, Morbosidad, Black Witchery, Blasphemophagher and the likes.

Vomiting Blasphemies Over The World split LP is OUT NOW on  Nuclear War Now! Productions


(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Blaspherian – Upon the Throne…of Eternal Blasphemous Death 7″ EP – Iron Bonehead

The most satanic Death Metal from Huston is back!


Hailing from Texas, Blaspherian takes its name from bands like Luciferian and Blasphemy to form a mega underground cult only for deathbangers and blacksters alike!

Their influence ranges from Immolation to Incantation so you know what to expect here: waves of pure American blackened death metal cult!

They are no new to underground though. Have been released a series of demos, compilation splits and a full length called Infernal Warriors of Death they present their new antichristian statement in form of 11-minute EP called called Upon the Throne…of Eternal Blasphemous Death containing only two tracks.

Awakened Into Impious Absolvement starts the disgraceful metal with an intro and a mid-tempo sound with a drumming that gains traction to ultimately flare up in a packed and insane death metal number with abyssal grueling brawls! Everything is low-pitched to cause a sense of coiling and nauseous music.

Phoenix of Uncreation the second and last song is not offbeat: over again the doomish intro is there with chasmal screams from the bottomless unknown! The MO is the same going again to an eruption of mass destruction, but this time they altercate between tempos, playing with satanic death metal doom and ultra-brutal and unbridled death metal!

Upon the Throne…of Eternal Blasphemous Death is, after all an EP only for underground extreme headbangers! They won’t be dissatisfied by this affidavit of diabolic metal.

Upon the Throne…of Eternal Blasphemous Death 7″ EP is out now on Iron Bonehead

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Energumen (Switzerland) – Void Spiritualism 7″ EP – Blood Harvest

Obscure sensations in the void!

Energumen (not to be confused with the Norwegian band of the same name) is debuting with this demo that shows an authentic form of so called War Metal or Bestial Black Metal (you know that Blasphemy/Beherit/Sadistik Exekution kind of sound).

There are only 3 tracks of flawless supernatural satanic sounds.

Self Abortion Ritual is a disgraceful yet well recorded track that reeks the organic sounds of 1990’s. Pure cult with fast drums tempos derailed and diluted in the most barbarous ways amidst an insane rifferama, dirty and disgraceful.

Invisible Spears of Abomination is not different, only adding insult to injury with its cruel type of primitive sound and no quarter.

Ekliptik Manifestation of Dominance is even more tangible in its destructive approach and in my opinion is the best track of this short opvs.

 Void Spiritualism is a truly essential item for underground maniaks elsewhere!!!

Void Spiritualism 7″ EP is out now on Blood Harvest

(Daniel Death)

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