Shadow’s Mortuary – Kuoleman Portit (Purity Through Fire)

Suomi Finland Svart Metall! Arrrggh!


This sophomore Shadow’s Mortuary album brings to the fore the great tradition of Suomi Black Metal, and I’m not going to put on an obvious list of super perfect Finnish bands… if you don’t know your Suomi black metal, go fetch some!

But I digress…

A 30-minute 8-track album, Kuoleman Portit is the pure essence of metal in that country: raw, hard, intransigent music of hell!

Opener Sielun Tuhkaa presents the modus operandi of this spectacular infernal opus: perfect Scandinavian riffs following the old school raw tradition of the north, but not with blast beats. This is more hardcore-like although I can’t see that it is some “blackened punk” in any way. This is the real deal black metal example of music. Although very raw in approach, this is not a terribly noisy and nonsense opus as the production is good. The riffs are the great highlight of this album for sure.

Riipus is a little more dramatic, using hissing guitar sound, very simple but efficient approach. For me this is the best song of the album, and even though the vocalist Void uses his native Finnish language, it seems that one can understand the harsh message. Of course, I know nothing about the lingo, but that’s the impression. Great song, really.

Ruoska is another great song and it can be said that it is the mix of Sielun Tuhkaa and Riipus… the dramatic riffage is still there, but this song is a bit faster than the latter. Abyssal sensations are transmitted by the pure hateful atmosphere of the band.

Kuoleman Portit (the title-track) starts with a mid-tempo drumming to over again go to the same modus operandi as before, only that this time around the vocals are different and the guitars are not, well, melodic… The riffs are looser and not so impressive but that’s the deal.

The other tracks are cool but the aforementioned are aces for sure.

All in all, this album is an ode to the true Suomi Black Metal musical tradition in pure infernal metal assault and it’s essential to all maniacs and die-hards of pure orthodox black metal. If you don’t like this album go back to your fashionable bands…

Kuoleman Portit is out now on Purity Through Fire.

Rating 9/10

AVSLUT – Tyranni – Osmose Productions

Judging by the current moment of music in general in this end of 2019 one can easily say that a band like Avslut is just generic Black Metal. Why should you buy it?


Taking a fast heed at Tyranni by the Swedish band Avslust one can say that it’s not the greatest creative opus in the history of the music. But listening close this album is pretty good.

How come?

Comprising of nine tracks of unrelenting Nordic Black Metal tradition clocking in at 47 minutes, Tyranni offers quality music akin to their Swedish countrymen Dark Funeral, Setherial, Lord Belial and even some Marduk. They get the obvious and make something good out of it, like focusing in the composition inside an already done structure.

The fast and furious opener called Likvidering leaves one in the dust due to a classy guitar sound whereas Allt förgås follows the same way of showing black metal dexterity.

While the title track is not something very remarkable in riffage, the melodic fourth track called Stigens ände appeals to a melodic take and mid-tempo drumming. This is very similar to Dark Funeral by the way.

But the best tracks of the album are Den eviga flamman and Underjordens apostlar successively. The first opens with a fast, killer, strong riff while the latter is not so different, but it is faster and stronger. Both tracks are earworms. Fucking good.

There are still 3 tracks left but I’d choose Dråp because it sums up the idea of the album.

Okay, over again, it’s not the most original album but for those seeking traditional Swedish madness, it’s something very good indeed. Sometimes black metal clichés are still good black metal.

Tyranni is available now on Osmose Productions.

Rating: 8/10

Roderick Totentanz

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Enslaved: new album soon… “we will record in Bergen before crossing the mountains eastwards to Örebro”

Black Metal veterans are preparing a new surprise for 2020. 


Enslaved has released a note saying that they are preparing to enter in studio to record the successor of the marvelous album E making this subsequent one the 15th (!) album in their long career!  

The album is believed to be released still in 2020 or the beginning of 2021 (the former is more likely).

According to the note, they will record in two studios in Bergen/NO, then they will “cross the mountains eastwards” to master with the great Jens Bogren (Sepultura, Dimmu Borgir, Kreator, Borknagar) in Örebro, Sweden.

There is no title to the new opus though. But this album marks the first one with the great drummer Iver Sandøy. More news coming soon.

Meanwhile you can read the entire note that was released on Facebook below:

“The days are growing darker in the Northern hemisphere – and Bergen is covered in a blanket of frost. This sets the scene as we have entered the studio to record the new Enslaved album. Since our last album, we have a “new” drummer – in quotation marks, since Iver has been with us behind the scenes for more than a decade. Together with me (Ivar Bjørnson and Grutle Kjellson) he constitutes the production team on this new album – and as before we will record in Bergen in Duper Studio and next door at Iver‘s
Solslottet Studio . Before crossing the mountains eastwards to Örebro into Fascination Street Studios where Jens Bogren will handle the mix.
The new material I feel is very powerful. The ENSLAVED signature is there, but there is a wild drive and a level of energy that makes me extremely excited. All five members have poured their dedication and souls into the preparations, and there are new sides to the band shown that will elevate this album.” – Ivar Bjørnson


Roderick Totentanz


SARTEGOS – O Sangue da Noite (I, Voidhanger Records)

The Spanish/Galician complex Blackened Death Metal of Sartegos.


Sartegos is a band that hails from a region of Spain called Galicia and they sing in a language that resembles Portuguese very much.

Although they’re a relatively new band, they have quality works behind them including their first demo A Serpe do Escarnio released in 2010.

But while they’ve been so far a good band, O Sangue da Noite , their debut full length, shows an excellent one. Why? Because they did the impossible: an original blackened death metal sound.

Normally this terminology is a little bit confusing: One can be talking about Behemoth/Belphegor, or simply about the war/bestial metal of bands like Blasphemy, Sadomator, Morbosidad and so on. There is a chasm between the two “styles”. Sartegos is at the middle.

That is not to say that they are a mediocre band: NO! They concocted their own music using both death and black. They’re not an imitation, they’re not an act!

For instance, a song like Lajes em Tormento e Decadência shows a complex, fast and heavy form of satanic metal that is not progressive, indeed, I can´t label it. But there’s layers and changes of tempo in a myriad of riffs and passages.

While Solpor dos Mistérios follows suit, the song Arqueiro is the most complete of the album: exploding the speakers, it resounds some Poland bands like Hate but heavier. The main theme is an earworm without compromising the brutality of the opus.

But the best song for sure is As Devesas som dos Lobos that follows a theme while the song dramatically progresses in mid-tempo just to give space to brutality and chasmal bellows from hell. Simply perfect.

The last song is a Burzum-esque piece that serves as an outro and is called Águas Negras.

The complexity of this album will get the fans of heaviest black metal by the balls for it is a surprise. Yes, this is original to the bone. Ye,s this is difficult to assimilate at first. Yes, that’s the way I like it.

O Sangue da Noite  will be out on  I, Voidhanger Records on November 29th

Rating 10/10

Roderick Totentanz


Sad news for Black Metal: Today, Baron Blood from Necromantia passed away.

The Necromantia 8-string genius is said to be dead by heart attack.


Today, the sad news is that a genius behind the one of the most respected hordes from Greece is dead. Makis aka Baron Blood, 8-string bassist and keyboardist of Necromantia died today of an allegedly hard attack leaving a legacy of pure black metal alongside his bandmate and Necromantia‘s mastermind Magus Wampyr or simply The Magus

Said the Magus on the band’s official account

This is a sad day for NECROMANTIA.
Baron Blood left this world. His soul now roams free to other wolds (SIC) and dimensions. His spirit will live forever in our hearts and his music will remind us what a great artist he was….ride free my friend…
The Magus

The original post is as it follows.  Check it out on the page:

Alongside his idiosyncratic way to play bass (listen to his personal mark in the classic Necromantia album Crossing The Fiery Path) Makis also was sound engineer for the Naer Mataron‘s album 2005 album Discipline Manifesto and Soulskinner‘s 2003 debut album Breeding the Grotesque. He also made stints in the very same album as a bass-player alongside Bill Zobolas and Gothmog (both from Thou Art Lord that has his Necromantia‘s bandmate The Magus and Sakis Tolis from renowned black metallers Rotting Christ.)

Before Soulskinner he played with the very same formation in the band Terra Tenebrae that changed name. 

He played in all releases from the almighty Necromantia. Other personal information cannot be reached by Dark Souls United.

(Roderick Totentanz)

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Ruach Raah – Submission In Absolute – War Arts Productions

Blackened Thrash Metal or just Black Metal?


Sometimes labels can be confusing. This band from Portugal sometimes is labeled as Blackened Punk which I beg to differ. The thing is if they have some Discharge influence (as in old- Sepultura or HELLHAMMER, I can totally agree with that). So that it is, a Hellhammer-like kvlt of extreme black metal.

That being said this EP clocks in at only 19 minutes with 5 nasty black metal songs.

First song The Old Serpent indeed commence with a Hellhammer kind of riffage notwithstanding with a second wave of Black metal (in vocals mainly) appearing in the forefront of this simple but very rough song that got anyone by the balls.

Regressive Crucifixion resounds like a heavier blackened thrash band that ran amuck into the savageness of pure black metal rage. Extremely headbanging song, no quarter and no frills. Only for the strong in mind and soul. This is the one which most resounds like Apocalyptic Raids EP if it was recorded today. Fucking classic.

Great Advocator of Blood puts more pedal to the metal, with an unapologetic drumming, vocals from the abyss and elementary but effective guitars. A vision of hell itself.

Under the Influence of Lucifer brings more thrash-turned-black work with a mix of Nifelheim with Marduk. True to the bone, obdurate and perfect for invoking the horned one itself.

To pack the rusty metallic attack, The Sinister Bride is a party for die-hards of the old school culto. Scourging sound with terror and pestilence through bellows of infernal type, satanic velocity, everything runs amok and that’s the end of the massacre.

Before all Submission In Absolute is an excellent and pure-blood black metal work. And it deserves to be heard as such. Fuck the sub-labels, stay true!

Submission In Absolute is out NOW o War Arts Productions.

Rating 8/10

(Roderick Totentanz)

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Sarke – Gastwerso (Indie Recordings)

Let the ghost war begin!


This is the 6th album of Sarke and if you don’t like the band, you are a poser. Not that I’m the truth owner, but hell, this band is for few and I simply don’t think this is the way to be. They deserve more for the quality.

How’s that?

They’ve, in the last 10 years, been honing the “Sarke Sound” which is a mix of Kreator, Celtic Frost and Darkthrone (being the voice of Nocturno Kulto adding much to that), but being this the 6th album, they were perfect then, they are perfectly original now.

That is to say: they never had a bad album and they have the best album so far!

Gastwerso means Ghost War and that’s the song that opens the album. With a killer riff, the song is bombastic and the simple way of singing from Nocturno Culto (who is the star here, not because he’s from Darkthrone, but because his voice meets perfectly with the way of Sarke (the musician, not the band aka Thomas Berglie from Tulus and Khold). The team is completed by Steinar Gundersen (lead guitars, ICS Vortex ex-Lunaris), Anders Hunstad (live session for Satyricon and Tulus), Terje Myhre Kråbøl (drums – Killing for Company, Katechon ex- Faustcoven between others) and Stian Myhre Kråbøl (guitars – Tulus and Khold)

Another great song is Mausoleum with the darkest atmosphere, pessimistic words, an impeccable instrumental, simple but not simplistic. By the way, I think by this track is proven that people can make good songs without being hyper-technical. This is not punk rock, but the metal here is uniquely direct.

The “new demon” here is the pseudo-ballad The Endless Wait, with a crescendo of instrumentations, layers after layers, melancholic vocals and by the end, real female-lead vocals. Strange, given the gothic-like nature of the song but makes total sense with their Sarke-esque form of Black/Thrash Metal.

But my absolute fave is In the Flames which is obscure as hell. I mean, fuck, with all these black metal bands around, it’s been difficult to find something really fearsome and sung with gusto for the dark. Tons of negativity!

Cribs Hand, the closer, it’s a mix of The Endless Wait and the other tracks.

Not just because I put my faves on the table that other songs are negligible. They are ALL excellent making Gastwerso one of the best albums of the year (just one was not written by me). I mean it can get seriously the number one position, depending (on) how the year ends. It will be revealed by December.

In other words, you cannot live without this album. You just can’t. Accept the truth and buy it.

Gastwerso is going to be out on Indie Recordings and the date of release is November 1st.

Rating 10/10

(Roderick Totentanz)

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