Accursed Spawn – The Virulent Host – PRC Music

Virulent Death metal.


Contagious: that’s the one word for this album of Accursed Spawn.

Created in 2010 in Canada, this is their first full length after other releases: you know EP’s and stuff.

Their sound is bullet-proof death metal, and as any band that records its debut, it’s difficult to know if it will be their best. But for the moment this is their best. And how best is the best in this case?

Doing a solid death metal, (I detest to use “modern death metal” so let’s say it’s NOT old school death metal) they work in the thin line between technical and brutal death metal, not really fitting in those labels, but they play like hell, and that means much.

For example, in the track The Ageless Curse they have some touch of Cytotoxyn, it’s what a “normal” death metal band means to be. Blast Beats? Checked. Guttural double vocals? Checked.

You see as new band they’re not original at all, but who cares when they make quality metal?

This stuff is really ultraheavy, like in the track Shotgun Facelift that is an binge of death metal. Destructive as fuck.

Dogmatic Affliction has a nod to Morbid Angel and Hate Eternal, but somewhat more intense and faster. Great song too.

The case here is that album is a behemoth, but originality is not their expertise, at least for now. That doesn’t mean that this is NOT a helluva album.

The Virulent Host -is out NOW on PRC Music.

Rating 7/10

Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Death Worship – End Times 12″ MLP – Nuclear War Now! Productions

Chaotic Ross Bay Cult


Back in 2016, Deathlord of Abomination and War Apocalypse (Blasphemy, Conqueror, Godless North) joined forces with like minded people aimed to make a statement against the very existence of mankind: his partners were J. Read (Revenge) and Nocturnal Grave Desecrator and Black Winds (Blasphemy, Blasphamagoatachrist).

They’d released an EP called Extermination Mass and now there are back with the very same line-up with End Times.

Of course they are the true Ross Bay Cult, bestial black metal. Others always tried to get to their status, but to no avail.

The difference here is that after years of experience they are on the top of their game:

Painstakingly made, they perfected the “war metal” sound and no, don’t expect to find anything that resounds clearness here: Noisy and satanic, the four tracks of the EP bring TONS of destructive anti-human agenda, in a perfect symbiose of insane solos, vocals and intense drumming.

There are parts like in the song The Poisoned Chalice that they de-accelerate, but just for some moments.

What is in the table is the very existence of the term Ross Bay Cult. Impostors can try, they can try very hard, but they’ll never get to the very extreme perfection of Death Worship and this extreme offensive attack of End Times. The end is nigh and this is the soundtrack! Fuck you (and then some).

Rating: 10/10


Death Worship’s End Times 12″ MLP will be available via Nuclear War Now! On February 15th.

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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CHAINBREAKER – Lethal Desire (CD, LP, TAPE) – Hells Headbangers

Sometimes brilliant, sometimes lackluster. What’s about this band?


Chainbreaker is a band from Canada with battle-tasted musicians from other ventures and they make thrash speed metal.

Hence the formula is complete, Canadian to the core, no frills and no quarter.

The problem here is a very simple one. They stick to a formula and for the sake of being cohesive, they don’t change it a bit. This is a very perilous code, because it works for some bands and for others, doesn’t.

In the case of Lethal Desire the answer is DOESN’T.

Not that it doesn’t have their moments: the earworm here for sure is Get Yer Feed that is rocker that is lethal to the core, perfect, well played and heavy! I loved this one.

Others like Chainbreaker, deliver, but don’t work as expected: There’s everything there, I mean it: but somewhat it’s unintelligent. There’s no riff that stays on the mind or a good chorus. If one listens to it, one might think: this song is okay, it’s a mix of Motörhead and Exciter. But try to spin it more than ten times for example: It doesn’t work, period.

Lethal Desire is not a BAD album. It’s actually good. It lacks creativity. Experienced musicians will always make a good work. But in this very case it sounded lazy: not in performance, no! They play like hell, they are fast, they are good. But they have everything to make a brilliant work, which I’m sure they will in their next chance.

Rating: 06/10

Lethal Desire by Chainbreaker will be out on February, 15th via Hells headbangers in CD, LP, TAPE

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Rites of Thy Degringolade – The Universe in Three Parts TAPE – Nuclear War Now! Productions

One-song demo to rule all.


The Canadian cult does the work with just one song!

The black/death band Rites of Thy Degringolade recorded and released this demo originally in 2016 but now it’s being re-released by NWN! In tape.

The only song is a 7-minute muddy track with the same name where some instruments are deliberately put in the background, while others (the drum rides for example) have a crystal clear sound.

The rule here is of a chaotic nature, but the first 100 seconds are made of mid-tempo “intro” varying the tones, causing an ominous confusion until it flares up to an uncontrolled sound comprised of fast drums and topsy-turvy bellows (albeit with some pattern along the way if listened with attention)

This tape is an essential item to all die-hards and followers of ROTD.

The Universe in Three Parts is out now in tape on Nuclear war Now!

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Sanktuary – Winter’s Doom – Self-Release

Extreme and excellent heavy metal from Canada


Man, this is pure heavy metal, true heavy metal, untouchable heavy metal, only for fans of heavy metal, true fans, non-compromising fans.

Sanktuary hails from Whitehorse, in the province of Yukon, far from Canuck centres and according to them the Canadian Siberia.

This is their second full length, but they are active since 2008. This is the time for them to get their place under the sun.

This fantastic album opens up with Space Race, a kind of non-speedy Living Death. Although naturally one can say they are, like Fenriz like to say, Canadian Metal, for me they sound more Germanic in nature. Anyway the wind blows. The vocals are pure 1980’s , lots of solos, catchy phrases, a natural born classic.

Wind is the Wind follows suit with the flawless sound, a blast from the past, similar to the first one, so there’s not much to add.

Of course a band of this calibre (note that I’m acting British today, even if MSWord correct my “English fault” to CALIBER) won’t disappoint and won’t deliver rehashed sounds, so the third track is a killer mid-to-fast tempo called Vermin Lord, lengthy in structure, but first class in composition, a helluva song, delicious to the headbanger ears, hell why I’ve never heard of them before?

The title-track has an ounce of Thrash Metal, maybe because the quasi-harsh vocals of Alan Binger. Great onset, and over again an imperative track.

Open Your Eyes goes further into the thrash of Overkill, Metal Church and Annihilator. The funny thing is that it isn’t an abrupt movement, normally the tracks sound the same as from the beginning of the cd (inferring that if you like the first tracks you’ll like these ones as well), but a subtle change of tempo and high-pitched solos gives the path of the album from now on.

And that is a path of violence of course like in the thrasher Corpse Blockade and now the game inverts: they become a thrash metal band with hints of heavy… Funny eh? Anyhow, the earbleeding solos are compulsory and the metal binge doesn’t die.

Closer is the icing in the cake: Maximum Authority is like a primitive Sacred Reich. Raw in its approach and hateful in its execution the song shows that they are no friends of modern technology.

All in all this is a flawless CD, the most underrated band in the moment and I’ll try to remember them in my list of the “best of” of 2016. Listen to it. Like it. Or go die!

Winter’s Doom is out now and it is Self-Released

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Seer – Vol. 1 & 2 – Art of Propaganda

Compilation of recent EP’s of this doom band from Canada.


Seer is a new band from Canada that practices Doom/Sludge. They’d released the Vol 1 in 2015 and Vol 2 this year and this is the comp of the 2 releases.

As the name of the release and the style adopted this one has a clear influence of Black Sabbath in their sound.

The first track Glimmervoid is a rocker that, if not magnificent, it shows a decent muddy sound and the composition is very strong, although not exactly highly technical with the strong vocals of Bronson Lee Norton.

Hive Mind is snail-paced, brutally organic in their context bringing a blending of clean vocals (although they are a little in the background) and guttural voices and ultra heavy sound. They rely strongly in heavy guitar work to find their niche and they are successful in their duty.

Cosmic Ghost changes their modus operandi, not surprisingly, because this type of band tends to make this: heavy tracks and then calmer songs. But what’s impressing in this one is that the tune is even radder than the two first tracks, it’s a comic trip (sorry for the pun), one these songs that the listener is capable to listen to on the repeat around the clock. Pure feeling and strangeness that is sung and played with sentiment and the best part of it is that it isn’t kitsch. It’s solid and shiny.

Unfortunately Haunter is not so great, honestly it acts like a long filler clocking in at almost nine minutes.

In turn, Antibody emulates Sabbath Bloddy Sabbath even if it’s only in the initial riff, but the song has its proper identity, trippy but short, it delivers a good result. There is a “seventies” solo that pays off and the drumming in this one is more diversified and why not saying “free-style”.

The strangest track is Aeon which is a five minute drone with some pulses in between.

Seer as newcomers is not a bad band, on the contrary, the album has ebbs and flows, and the final outcome is highly positive. For your trippy nights of spring.

Vol. 1 & 2  is out now on Art of Propaganda.


(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Cryptopsy – The Book of Suffering Tome 1 – self-released

The book of ultra brutal technical death metal.


Cryptosy is the best death metal band in the moment. Since their self-titled album three years ago, nobody should have said that they were going to beat their best offering to date. They just did it!

With The Book of Suffering (Tome 1) they accelerated the impossible to overdriving vortexes of insane velocity.

This is an EP with just 4 tracks, and as it is said that it is the tome 1 I believe this history will have another chapter soon…

Anyway, what is in the table here is the absurd technicality of a group that evolves with which release. The only thing that gives some guide to the listener is the lyrics, and even they are quite impossible to keep track, being for the velocity, being for the intricate metrics.

The drumming is of course, otherworldly. I simple don’t have any idea how they keep so much information in a matter of seconds and how they manage to orchestrate the whole thing.

Violent and brutal, this is not an imitation of another famous band. Normally technical death metal is a style where the bands keep similarity between them, but not with Cryptopsy: they go further, they defy the physics, they defy the speed of sound going by the speed of light. It’s incredible how any riff, any drum fills are full of rocket science information.

I listened to this opus exactly 25 times and let me say something: it would take six times this number for me to understand the whole opus! Is that bad? No, it’s that marvelous, the way the mind is kept alive by music. They are like a free jazz ensemble, but a free jazz from HELL: violent, no frills, no quarter, no stoppage, no shortage of energy, this is a release that is, for sure, alongside their 2012 album one of the best metal releases of the XXI century. Nuff said!

The Book of Suffering Tome 1 is out now and it’s SELF-RELEASED



(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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