Deiphago – Into The Eye Of Satan (Cd, Lp, Tape) – Hells Headbangers

The Filipino Antichrists are attacking over again.


If the cult of Deiphago is new to you, then fuck off. This band is the epitome of war blackened death metal! They are in the game more than twenty years and their last album released three years ago called Satan Alpha Omega was one of the best releases of that year. I know. I reviewed it. I bought the CD and the tee…

So there’s no need to say that the cult of Filipino Evil is one of my faves, a cult as great as Blasphemy or Sarcófago. This band is the tits!

Into The Eye Of Satan is no different. They once again attack with priority to aim and destroy the human race with the most toxic metal ever played on the face of the Earth!

I have to agree that they are truly successful in this satanic task, for the album is a massive cauldron of black mass, pure cryptic evil for the glory of the gods of old! Apolaki was invoked from its inner tomb to bring war on this cosmos.

This anticosmic approach can be found in tracks such as Evil and Adverse and Bloodbath Of Genocide with cute titles that would make Satan himself die of fear! The sound is a curtain of fire that nukes the eardrums of false headbangers. For those, this kind of death black tunes get one’s wires crossed!

Deiphago shows that they are the head honchos of brutal: (6 X 6 X 6) / 3 (what a nice song’s name!) and Serpentine Anti-World are the inverted cult of nature, set off to eliminate the whole creation and to keep one’s nose to the grindstone in order to put order into the total chaos.

There are more songs though, but it’s useless to talk about the harm they may cause. Listen to it by yourself, if you have the balls. If you don’t, get a gun and kill yourself. No one will miss you anyway.

 Into The Eye Of Satan (Cd, Lp, Tape) is out now on Hells Headbangers

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Blaspherian – Upon the Throne…of Eternal Blasphemous Death 7″ EP – Iron Bonehead

The most satanic Death Metal from Huston is back!


Hailing from Texas, Blaspherian takes its name from bands like Luciferian and Blasphemy to form a mega underground cult only for deathbangers and blacksters alike!

Their influence ranges from Immolation to Incantation so you know what to expect here: waves of pure American blackened death metal cult!

They are no new to underground though. Have been released a series of demos, compilation splits and a full length called Infernal Warriors of Death they present their new antichristian statement in form of 11-minute EP called called Upon the Throne…of Eternal Blasphemous Death containing only two tracks.

Awakened Into Impious Absolvement starts the disgraceful metal with an intro and a mid-tempo sound with a drumming that gains traction to ultimately flare up in a packed and insane death metal number with abyssal grueling brawls! Everything is low-pitched to cause a sense of coiling and nauseous music.

Phoenix of Uncreation the second and last song is not offbeat: over again the doomish intro is there with chasmal screams from the bottomless unknown! The MO is the same going again to an eruption of mass destruction, but this time they altercate between tempos, playing with satanic death metal doom and ultra-brutal and unbridled death metal!

Upon the Throne…of Eternal Blasphemous Death is, after all an EP only for underground extreme headbangers! They won’t be dissatisfied by this affidavit of diabolic metal.

Upon the Throne…of Eternal Blasphemous Death 7″ EP is out now on Iron Bonehead

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Kommandant – The Architects Of Extermination – ATMF

The end is nigh.


Kommandant always has been one of my fave bands, and it’s easy to know why: Since their inception by the release of Iron Hands on Scandinavia I’ve been following their work of metallic deconstruction. Their imposing resolve is what drove me throughout the years!

Now with Architects of Extermination they open a new chapter in their history of brutal and offensive death metal.

I used to call them war metal, bestial black metal and the likes but their sound evolved to somewhat a chaotic death metal, being fast or mid-tempo.

The songs balance is in this MO: grandiloquent tunes of doom and relentless velocity all over.

For example the first track Let our Vengeance Rise is not so fast, it tastes beat upon beat with heaviest riffs and unintelligible bellows!

The second track called The Architects of Extermination has extreme velocity and thickness to destroy like a Tesla’s Death Ray! It’s intense and very, very hard to get.

Oedipism alters the vocalization and the time signatures sound really strange with the due change of tempo. Not that it’s somewhat completely new, but it seems Kommandant perverted the order of extreme metal in some unexplainable way!

Aquisition of Power alternates between fast and mid-tempo moods, doomish as fuck, the vocals sunk in the mix, rambunctious and rowdy!

Over again Killing Word appeals to the opposite direction with a slow motion tempo and bashes from beyond.

And Nation Shall Rise Against Nation is extreme and takes no prisoners. The ultimate word in extreme violence and cacophony…

Rise and Fall of Empire is definitely no sticky! The bawls from the other side cause confusion and disorder.

Last track Onward To Extinction with its pharaonic approach of the end of the days is pure holocaustic brutality.

The Architects Of Extermination is not easy to grasp. It will not elevate Kommandant to the outpost of favorites of teenagers. It’ll confound even veterans. Certainly an avant-garde approach but with the basilar sound that is intrinsic to one of the most insane acts off all time.

The Architects Of Extermination is out now on  ATMF

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Abominor – Opus: Decay – Invictus

Disgraceful metal coming from the land of the ice!


When someone things about Iceland, then a Viking band like Sólstafir or inevitably that terrible pop act Björk (hahahaha) comes to mind.

So, to guess that a terrible and brutal death black machine of satanic evil comes from that volcanic land was unthinkable. Up to this point…

Abominor brings plague and destruction in medieval forms! Mid-tempo lashes of pure satanic mortification, the hell is inevitable. The sound is packed in a layer of heaviness and noise, so the drumming can get faster, with lashings upon lashings of brutal punishment simply for your abortive existence! Of course I’m talking about the obsidian track 474 which clocks in at 12 minutes of pure abject contempt! The vocals are guttural as hell and the mix between the rhythm session and guitars make it difficult to distinguish the riffs, but this is just a matter of time and how many times you spin the opus to get used to it.

Second track (and the last) called Opus Decay mirrors the first one in so many ways and this is not bad. The middle session has a repetitive riff and phrase that will do for those with difficulty with the wall of noise!

Abominor shows in their debut that they are an evil force majeure to be reckoned with! This is pure Black Death attack and the Plague doctors from dark ages will be back to finish your worthless life!

Opus: Decay  was released on September 4th by Invictus 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Sempiternal Dusk – Sempiternal Dusk – Dark Descent Records

Abstruse Doom/Death Metal from Oregon.


Holy cow! This band is gives me goosebumps. This self-titled album is their debut, and the members have a long historic in working with other bands. So this is a “professional” effort, for sure.

The album has only 5 songs, but very uneven in time between them varying from one to fifteen minutes.

The music is something like a funeral sludge metal to be more exact, but as I’m not a fan of kinky mix of labels, that was just to correctly clarify the “catch of the moment” by the muddy production of their real metal sound. Nothing so fancy, just the way it was caught “on tape”. However it is not slow the whole time, which causes more confusion to labelers.

The first song, the 15-minute Moon Beneath Hook Cross, recalls the most enduring moments of Skepticism, Thergothon, Mornful Congregation, Nortt, Funeral, Murkrat and so on… Albeit change of tempos may occur, going to something faster.

Very heavy and harsh sound for those of who like to live in fully despair.

The second track Streams of Night is more agitated, more in a death metal way, which has led the comparison with their Germanic fellows Nechro Christos, which renders a very different style than to simple label them as Funeral something. Of course the production is still very muddy. But eventually, the tempo slows down, and (AHEEEEMM) the happiness go away..

The song Upon the Gallows at Perihelion is bipolar! While the putrid death metal simply razes everything in sight, some parts are pure despondency. This one is my fave!

This album is something very special for fans of underground metal of death, showing something that, if not utterly original, it can be entertaining through darkness and despair. You’ll hear more about them in the near future. Be sure of that!

Sempiternal Dusk  is out now on Dark Descent Records .

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Pyre – Human Hecatomb – Chaos Records

Old cult from Slavic Lands.

Playing with gusto, Pyre comes from Russia, and man, they know how to create good old school lullabies for the old timers of the cult of death out there!

Although their modus operandi is Entombed, they do have some compositions of their own, and they are not copycats: they just came to the world in the wrong epoch.

A song like Last Nail In Your Coffin for example is full of intelligent passages, and they don’t need to sound utterly technical to achieve what they want: clever phrases and changes of tempo do the trick. The licks in this one particularly are delicious: a double axe attack that rips eardrums!

Not that their first songs like Merciless Disease or Far Beyond The Unknown don’t work, they are actually excellent, but this album gets better and better as the tracks progress: for example the song Possessed is totally trippy and seamless at the same time: this Janus characteristic is what makes Pyre sound so special: they are not innovators, but their sound is magic like no other band. This is their secret and they better keep this recipe to themselves if they want to broad their audiences: I for one am already a fan! The cult of death cannot be stopped.

Human Hecatomb  is out now on Chaos Records

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Funereus – Return of the Old Goat – Forever Plagued

The lost forgotten art of the goat worship

Funereus (not to be confused with the American Doom Metal band of the same name) is purely evil in all forms possible. They do a sound that is a merging of Morbosidad and Darkthrone, they sound intense with every track and their rendition to the goatic forms of music is moving!

All tracks have the very same satanic passion and fervor for diabolic dominion over the fucking Earth!

For example, Unhallowed Tomb brings a feeling that one thousand whores are making sex with Satan himself in front of the holy altar of Jesus CRUST. Blasphemous and sinful, it is disgraceful with non-stop drumming and repetitive riffs although the song does change tempos every now and then.

Another sample of depraved behavior is the track Below The Horns Of Blasphemy, that razes the ground with delicious orgy of crude riffs without being just noise maybe because the production with all the instruments audible, still it can be put in the Raw Black Metal category of ultra-sacrilegious sounds with deranged soloing and pure evil energy!

The same can be said of the next track Ascending The Throne Of Satan, with aggressive and dynamic drumming in an all-out war against the followers of “christ”.

Return of the Old Goat is a great surprise for adorers of evil. It’s a compendium of hate from A to Z and an indispensable item in any ultra-conservative headbanger collection!

Return of the Old Goat is out now on Forever Plagued.


(Daniel Death)

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ARKONA / ILLNESS – Klucz Do Istnienia / Zaraza – Godz Ov War Productions

Split with cult bands from Europe.

Arkona and Illness are releasing this great split. Note: The Arkona here is the Polish one and not to be confused with the more famous Russian band Аркона.

Arkona side contains the track Klucz Do Istnienia that is the embodiment of the Polish Black Metal! Traditional and vicious, the attack is fast with old school black metal riffs! The drumming is as fast as the speed of light, great number. It’s a pity that it is only one track!

But the band Illness don’t let us down: formed by guys of Masachist, this track Zaraza starts with a Slayer-like approach just to  explode into an all-out war of brutal black metal with changes of tempo that makes this track very interesting, merging death and black metal schools. The final part though, has a bit of melodic black metal in the vein of Limbonic Art.

A truly great split of special bands, this release is a portal to the other works of both acts. Try and get it!

Klucz Do Istnienia / Zaraza  is out now on Godz Ov War Productions


(Daniel Death)

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Fornicus – Storming Heaven – Self-Released

Great act from Kentucky!

Fornicus is a new demon that came to life two years ago and released a demo in the current years and now they are releasing this debut album Storming Heaven with the raddest cover art ever!

Just for that they deserve kudos, but their sound is something very special, a blackened death metal in the vein of Sathanas that will gratify the more hardcore fans of the American Satanic Metal!!

Songs like We are Sin or Pallium Mali are the epitome of greatness showing their dexterity in making an authentic ode to darkness and the musical structure is very satisfactory, besides they play with gusto and they do deliver the message of evil hordes of satanic netherworld, while a track like King of Egoists has a great riff that goes all the way through the tune: no great changes of tempo, just the blurry mix of Death Metal and Black Metal that is worthy your money!

Into Obscurity is another gem of the style this time around resounding the great Absu. Mid-tempo framework, allied with occasional blastbeats that never get the forefront and never obfuscate the guitars!!!! It’s indeed a very intelligible sound with actual soloing and this time around they change the phrases a little bit!

There is also a cover of Sepultura Antichrist – a great version actually!!!

Over again my appeal to audiences out there: this band is pure underground but doesn’t deserve to be relegated six feet under… if I was you I’d manage to get my copy as soon as possible.

Storming Heaven  is out now and it is Self-Released .

(Daniel Death)

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DESTRUKTOR / THRONEUM – A Prophecy of Nihilism (Split 7″) – Hells Headbangers

Killer split for brutal and insensitive headbangers!

No quarter and no compromise!! Fuck off the universe! This is the message that Destruktor and Throneum carry out together with this split 7” that was made to destroy the denizens of the world with nuclear hate!

This opus has only two sounds, the Destruktor song, called Besieged is a demonstration of non-stop brutality into the pure death/black mode resounding  Angelcorpse and other bands of the style. The drumming is unmerciful, pounding all the way through the sonic waves of cataclysmic rifferama to pollute this world with warlike despair in an ocean of disgracefulness. Non plus ultra!

Throneum and its song Chtonian Lust sounds a little bit more old school, with an introduction alike Sepultura’s Necromancer, and the sound is an encyclopedia of influences raging from Sarcófago to Beherit and Blasphemy. It’s kind of impossible to ignore their oxidized sound that cuts the eardrums like an old razor. A hellrazor of course.

This EP is for the most dedicated and die-hard fans of the style ONLY. Poseurs, don’t even try or you’ll get busted.

A Prophecy of Nihilism (Split 7″) is out now on Hells Headbangers.

(Daniel Death)

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