Laika – Somnia – Filth Regime Records

Somnia for insomnia.

Laika is a melodic death metal band from Canada that didn’t realized that there is a much more famous band with the same name, but you know how kiddos are… always trying to impress.

Their promo photo says their influence: Black Dahlia Murder and Suicide Silence (bands that I loathe) and one of the guys are wearing Judas Priest tee (Sin after Sin) which is a sin per se.

The songs are well executed and AGAIN the production is on spot, but for what? Everything here sounds brainless and made only for the show. There’s no real music inside, just riffs, drumming, but no music. There’s no highlight as all the songs sound the same.

The word somnia in Latin means sleep. It’s explained. If you have insomnia, Laika is better than Clonazepam.

Somnia  is out now on Filth Regime Records

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Display of Decay – Outbreak of Infection 2014 – Self-Released

Lukewarm Death Metal

This Canadian band is a real downer. Display of Decay and their Outbreak of Infection has anything to do with brutal death metal… But they practice a kind of boring death metal that never gets faster than mid-tempo, and they do have some hints of Deathcore. A boring band that is not technical either. Just some kids with a pretention to show they have a band to their school friends. The production is okay but that is because it demanded nothing from them, just some changes of phrases here another changes of tempo there and absolutely nothing more. By the third song one starts to become bored. Please give me back the 18 I lost hearing to this band. Thanks!

PS: there’s a cover of Kiss by the end of the disc Black Diamond that’s not that bad, maybe they should change their sound to death n roll or something like that….

Outbreak of Infection 2014  is out now and it’s Self-Released

(Daniel Death)

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Coprocephalic – The Oath Of Relinquishment – Lacerated Enemy Records

“International” Slamming Death Metal

I honestly never understood what “slamming” death metal really is. Seriously. When this terminology began to circulate throughout the internet I though: here comes another fad.

This band is “slamming” which means they are not br00tal, they are kind of boring.

Formed  by some guys from Taiwan to California, this band is a confusing mix of brutal death metal with something else that I cannot identify.

Let’s go to the sound: Pig squeals robbed from bands like Devourment but repeated to the exhaustion: the guy simply doesn’t stop to squeal like a drunken bird or something…

 The songs are utterly repetitive, they get one formulae and repeat it all the way till the end of the album.

The drum fills seems synthetic and are not in the proper volume to be called blast beats: it’s a confusion of beatings intended to be technical.

By the middle of CD one just wants it to stop.

Those who follow my work know I’m a strong proponent of brutal death metal, technical death metal and other forms of noisy music: but this album seems a little bit out of control (in a bad sense) and it will please only those who are used to this kind of “slamming” thing. Not my cuppa.

The Oath of Relinquishment is out now on Lacerated Enemy Records.


(Daniel Death)

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EXPAIN – Just The Tip – Self-Release

Technical what?

Expain is a band from Vancouver that they say practice a kind of technical death and thrash metal, you name it. But for me they are just another concealed “-core” band.

Okay, okay, the instrumental is very good! They really dominate the whole thing and the production is on spot, very well done indeed although I don’t see any extraterrestrial technical skills in them to justify the name…

Songs like Don’t Worry, The Worst Is Yet to Come has its moments with great solos and all the brouhaha or the craziness of old Meshuggah-like Allegiance To Pain with a good middle session…

But the real problem here is the goddamned vocals!!! The guy – Daniel Brand – happens to scream over and over again, indefinitely and (as it seems) infinitely! There isn’t any technical skill in his voice and he’s happy to keep things in monotone mode. Imagine Danny Filth but worst! Yes dude it’s that bad…

More so, it’s clear that he draws his influences from the metalcore scene and he pollutes the whole band, they decided to repackage it and sell as if it was the ultimate technical band around: think about GREAT technical acts of the past like (OLD) Cynic, Atheist, Death or Pestilence or more recent bands like the greatest Neuraxis… they resemble none of that! They, at their best, copy and paste bands like Carnifex… bleaaargh.

It’s not the first time it happens but here goes my advice again for those who are ABLE to hear it: slightly change the style of vocals to something more “real”, and the band will follow suit, then you’ll have a technical band because competence it’s a thing that’s in Expain DNA. Come back here and show me a goddamn tech album for fuck sake!

Just The Tip is out now and it is Self-Released

(Daniel Death)

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Deep in Hate – Chronicles of Oblivion – Kaotoxin

French Tech Death Metal, repetitive or innovative?

Deep in Hate is a technical death metal band that morphed into something modern… Well I have some issues with modern things but let’s investigate what they are up to:

First of all the production is great, everything is on the right place, the sound is good to the ears, very aggressive indeed, but as the songs pass one starts to perceive they introduced some elements of the deathcore…

I simply can’t comply with that style, but let’s not be unfair with our French lads… This album has everything to be great and it has its moments, like the downtuned bass amidst the musical chaos, and some noisy moments as in the track the Unheard Prayers.

The problem here is the iteration: first song is okay, second song is okay then the album becomes unbearable. Tech does not mean creativity and although they play like hell, the songs are brainless: let’s do a tech solo, inside an excellent production pack the CD and distribute! No, this is not the way death metal is done.

The “breaks” start to wear out their welcome and an excellent band suddenly becomes subpar… I mean, okay, they don’t care much about proving themselves they are the fastest guys in the universe, but they could had chosen anything else but “core” mode.

I don’t like to repeat myself but again, this fact alone doesn’t take away the case that Deep in Hate is a great band… They are, indeed. A great band doing the wrong thing.

Chronicles of Oblivion is out now on Kaotoxin. 

(Daniel Death)

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Dark Century – Murder Motel (Self Released)

Death Metal or Deathcore in disguise?

There is the best type of filtering to decide which way the music goes: the time and inevitably with the advent of internet death metal encountered metalcore. But what does the “filtering of time” have anything to do with Dark Century?

In 2014 with alliances defined and death metal distancing themselves from the “emos” of before, it seems that Dark Century stays somewhere in between, or even worse: in a vacuum created by the abyss that are now separating what internet mingled a couple of years ago.

Being from Montreal, Quebec, it is virtually impossible that Dark Century doesn’t have ANY influence of Despised Icon (the deathcore band that shunned the terminology, to no avail).

But it’s also true that also from Quebec is the most mortal death band in the world: Cryptopsy (which had dabbled with deathcore in 2008, even though they never admit it).

So you can put Dark Century somewhere in between the both bands. Of course lacking the ultra mega velocity and accurate technique of Cryptopsy, nonetheless Dark Century are great musicians capable of raise some hell with their ultra heavy and demented music.

Perfect samples of that are tracks of pure death insanity like In Our Veins and Dead Birds. But tracks like Murder Motel and Torticolis have those unbearable breakdowns which leave some old school listeners like me pretty confused.

Cholesteral is the perfect sample of what might happen when two worlds collide.

Chloroforme is the most honest track of the CD.

Dark Century and their Murder Motel CD is not a failure attempt to sound “legit”. They are a honest band, however they are a product of their own musical environment, impossible to choose sides. So I’d like to believe this is another phase for Quebecois metal. Dark Century is a band that has something yet to prove, but they have the right weapons to do so. Honesty and musicality is what they master. Now let’s wait for better compositions in the future. But to be sincere, I’m totally avid to hear what they will become on the next CD!!! PS: Mosh Test Dummies is the best track of the album.

Murder Motel is going to be out on April 18th.

(Daniel Death)

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