Délétère – Theovorator : Babelis Testamentum – Sepulchral Productions

Perfection Through industriousness.


Délétère is the perfect name of the celebrated Quebecois scene.

This is an EP (three songs only clocking in at 20 minutes) to celebrate the success of their 2018 release De Horae Leprae. Honestly, I found the concept a little bit complicated so I must concentrate on their exquisite form of black metal.

First song called Theovoratoris Aduentus although not the longest song in history (8:53) is epic as fuck with variating forms and phrases (although not so perceptible in tempos) , the song goes from brutal black metal to something more “intimist”. Don’t get me fucking wrong, this is not progressive black metal although it may be complicated to play but not to understand, and that’s the real trick here.

Second song Babel Insanifusor follows suit: shorter than the previous one, it continues the saga (I think that’s the point) showcasing dexterity and played with gusto, macabre as real black metal can be.

Third and final track Milites Pestilentiae III – Babylonia Magnis… is no different: it is complementary!  At this point one can clearly see (or hear for that sake, duh) that the songs are interdependent but they don’t follow (over again this is not progressive black metal per se) any segue.

But the lesson that this almost promotional EP leaves is that: black metal, when done by people with competence, never ceases to amuse me. Ever. Being creative without relenting to mixtures is the most difficult thing an artist can reach and Délétère has it. If I didn’t know better (from all their excellent catalog) I’d say it is a beginner’s lucky. It is certainly not. Although this EP suffices for the grandiosity that is Délétère.

Theovorator : Babelis Testamentum by Délétère is out now on Sepulchral Productions.

Rating 9/10

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Malediction 666 – We, Demons. – Voz da Morte

When Brazil and Hellas collide!


Yes, this band is from Brazil but with a great Greek vibe!

Factor number one is that the guy behind Malediction 666 (Iser, who by the way plays EVERYTHING and produces the album) is a huge fan of Greek scene since forever.

Factor number two: Necroabyssious (Varathron) and Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ) make very special appearances in the album.

The songs are earworms: they have a repetitive factor, but at the end of the day it’s still excellent extreme music: A powerful mix of death and black metal, but forget “war metal” or Behemoth/Belphegor: Malediction 666 has a UNIQUE sound. How exciting is that in world where the music itself is dying?

His creativity goes beyond borders: for example, in the track Portal, the cosmic trips appear in a blend of brutal blast beats and a shy expression of Greek folk song. Of course, no “typical” instruments are used here but the sound is the very epitome of the Greek black metal from the beginning of the 1990’s. If the intention was that, well, mission accomplished. The best solo in the album is in this track: strident, metal, occult!

Unmasked Savior is another natural born classic, and it’s the song where Sakis Tolis appears; expects waves of negative energy when the gates of Hades opens. Pure Rotting Chist collaboration, it’s not every day we hear that.

The tortuous ways of Forgotten Rage with a myriad of climatic experience leads to another great song which is Cursed Penumbra. Maybe the best song in the album where the riffs and vocals clash, this one for this etherial experience may be recorded in 1990’s and Iser is guarding this secret for this very long. Well I’m kidding it was obviously not, but hell, this one deserves all the kudos. This is the track where Necroabyssious appears in all his satanic splendor.

All in all, this is not your average extreme metal album. The effort led to a spectacular result. I’m totally bitten.

We, Demons is available on Voz da Morte via Bandcamp (click hear to stream and buy) only in digital version. The physical edition is coming soon but no date was announced as of now.

Rating: 8/10

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Udo Dirkschneider with health problems. Tour continues anyway.

It’s not clear if he’ll be able to complete the whole tour though.


The iconic Udo Dirkschneider (U.D.O. ex-Accept) has presented some health problems but the band has decided to not postpone the whole tour. The (rather confusing) announcement was made by the band via Facebook. It says he’s not in good health but even so confirming that he’ll be on stages:

“Dear UDO fans,

Unfortunately, we have to tell you that Udo has a serious health problem since early January. He has pain in his left knee and couldn´t walk at all for a longer period. He has been to different specialists in Russia, Ibiza and Germany and now he is on a good way to recover. But he is still handicapped and can´t move that much without having pain. Against all advises of the doctors he has decided to play the tour and not postponing it since he hates to let his fans down. But this means that he is a bit handicapped on stage and can´t move that much. We are very sorry for this but we still have the opinion that this is better than postponing the complete tour.
Thanks and see you all on tour!”

We seriously wish that this is not a BAD DECISION by the part of organization, because we all want to see U.D.O. rocking around the world for a long time.

The complete dates can be seen by clicking on this link: https://udo-online.com/tourdates.html?fbclid=IwAR0smxHcVZuL5d-1-9tQm2ktP_8Q95-CLbaZ7jTs4X2FbuLnOyDAO1rvIII



(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Brazil’s Miasthenia to make a tour in Europe in OCTOBER

Extreme Pagan Metal from Brazil showing their art to European Crowds.


(From left to right: Nygrom, Susane Hécate and Thormianak)


The time is ripe for one of the oldest Black/Pagan metal still in activity since 1990’s in South America to present their sound in European lands. Some places are fully confirmed, while some are not (mainly in Spain).

The tour will cover 5 countries in Western/Southwestern and Central Europe, so if you are nearby don’t lose this opportunity to see the power trio Hécate (voices and keyboard), Thormianak (guitars) and Nygrom (drums)

The countries are: Portugal, Spain, France, Germany and Belgium.

For those who don’t know them, Miasthenia was formed in Brasilia and it has 5 albums, two demos and one classic split with Song D’Enfer.

They are Promoting their last album released last year called Antípodas. (Find it on Spotify before buying it)

Check out the dates below.

For additional information, access: https://www.facebook.com/miasthenia/



(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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All My Sins – Pra Sila – Vukov Totem – Saturnal

Songs to celebrate the EQUINOX!


I always knew that Slavic Black Metal was the thing, but of course, there are layers of it in different eras. Serbian band All My Sins represents the “original” second wave of Black Metal or something in between.

Granted, it’s very difficult to find a black metal band with this “something in between” Either the bands are extremely aggressive like in Blackened War Black Metal, or more delicate like in DSBM, post-black metal and nonsenses like that.

All My Sins started a long time ago, but just after some problems with lineup that the band was able to record their first album called Lunar-Sonar one year ago, and now Pra Sila – Vukov Totem comes with pure excellency!

First of all, one ought to bear in mind that the album has 8 tracks, while some of them are pretty long.

The sound has repetitive phrases, rare changes of tempo, and an excellent mixing and mastering.

The songs are extremely exciting, going to the frontier of blackened thrash metal, but never passing the boundaries, just like in the first song called Vukov Totem (that clocks in at 9+ minutes)

While Zov iz Magle and Vetrovo Kolo maintain the chaos, the track called U Mlazevima Krvi is highly fast and evil.

Opsena is the interesting one: although not the longest tune of the album, it brings three distinct parts, from brutal to atmospheric, shamelessly! I dug this one.

Konačna Ravnodnevica (Čin Prvi) is the lengthiest song of the album, not bringing too much creativity, but none less, being mega fun for die-hards of the old school style.

The exception to the rule is the track Konačna Ravnodnevica (Čin Drugi) (yes, I’ve got confused with the alike names as well), which brings to the fold exactly what I said the band negated: the sad and somewhat delicate sound in a sequence of repetitive riffs, but that doesn’t mar the rest of this wonderful album.

All My SinsPra Sila – Vukov Totem will be out on September 23rd via Saturnal to celebrate the last equinox of the year!


(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Brazil’s Holocausto recording new album with original line-up

The original purveyors of war metal are back!


Holocausto is already on the studio recording the follow-up to their EP War Metal Massacre which will be called War Diary with no defined date of release as of yet.

The original line-up is reunited 31 years after the release of their iconic album Campo de Extermínio released by Cogumelo Records in 1987, an album that shocked headbangers all around the world.

The band has 5 albums, one EP and lots of other releases as demos and compilations, always changing their sound, but arguably Campo de Extermínio is their best album do date, putting Holocausto in the pantheon of bands that influenced Black Metal all over the world along with Sarcófago and (old) Sepultura and making them the very first WAR METAL band in the globe with an insane sound that has been praised by die-hards worldwide even today.

The album is being recorded and produced by André Cabelo (aka Andrevil) who produced War Metal Massacre and several other bands like Chakal, Cirrhosis and Wagner Lamounier’s The Evil.

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Holocausto – War Metal Massacre LP/CD – Nuclear War Now! Productions

The intransigence is back.


For those who still ignore the influence of this band: Holocausto had its beginnings in the Brazilian scene alongside with Sarcófago and Sepultura (among others). Although not commercially successful, the band gained a notorious cult following over the years due to the imagery and lasting influence of their first effort: Campo De Extermínio which dealt a big deal with Nazism although the band always sustained it was for shock values only.

The fact is, after subsequent thrash and experimental albums (1980’s and mid 1990’s) and a coming back effort back in 2000’s, the band is candidly back to their 1987 intolerant war-metal form of Campo de Extermínio.

War Metal Massacre is an EP that carries an even fouler production than the 1980’s, which is, for the war metal standards, always a bonus!

First 3 tracks are re-recordings of obscure tracks: Massacre was originally released on The Lost Tapes of Cogumelo compilation (originally a single demo track from 1985) while Destruição Nuclear and Escarro Napalm were released on the rare metal compilation Warfare Noise. Here the tracks don’t deviate from their original forms, adding more insulting to injury in their new renditions…

The other tracks are originals: Eu Sou a Guerra is hardcore-driven terror black war metal, with inaudible bellows spewed in Portuguese, hissing guitars, and an all-out-war approach.

Corpo Seco follows suit with the political incorrectness that makes this band be so great in the underground cult.

Title track closes this really dissonant release with riffs that are awkward, but repetitive and hard-line at the same time.

Not for the faint of heart their perceptible rhetoric of war and extermination cannot be taken seriously: As aforementioned is all for shock, a sound for obstinate headbangers and not for boneheads.

War Metal Massacre will be out in March 1st in LP/CD formats on Nuclear War Now! Productions 

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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