Enslaved to release the first single of Utgard this Friday!

After postponing the whole logistics because of Covid-19 the hour is ripe for Utgard!


This Friday, May 22nd, Enslaved will be finally releasing their new single for the upcoming Utgard album via Nuclear Blast.

That was announced before, but the date was sunk between tons of information about the postponing of the album because of the pandemics.

Utgard were to be released by the beginning of the year, but suddenly the band and label cut short the release of the album maybe because they saw no sense in release something without a tour, so they pushed the release for “this fall”. It happens that the fall in Northern Hemisphere can be anytime between September 22nd and December 21st! So the exact date is not set yet. 

They’ve only have released the cover art so far which is second to none. No other information as track listing was revealed so far.


But the fact that the band is abiding to the date set for the releasing of the single is very good news as it shows that Utgard is finally nigh. 

Utgard is the following up to the excellent album E released in 2017 via Nuclear Blast featuring, then, the new member Håkon Vinje. The upcoming Utgard will be the premiere of the new drummer Iver Sandøy.

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Metallica new rendition of old classic shows possibilities during pandemic

Dubbed Blackened 2020, the video is beyond a musicians’ play to amuse their fans.


Yesterday Metallica released a video and it announces: “Here’s a little something we cooked up over the last few days. Hope you’re all safe & sound. Have a great weekend.”

For me it took seconds to realize they were playing Blackened off of the classic album …And Justice for all. (not for nothing the lyrics talk about the end of humanity. Nothing more suitable)

It’s an acoustic version dubbed Blackened 2020 and it seems they are having a lot of fun doing it, and it’s interesting because it’s an acoustic version totally rearranged while each one of them works from their own houses (or mansions).

Lars Ulrich said past Tuesday there’s a possibility for a new album during the pandemic, because they don’t know how long they will be out of biz (as each and every band in the planet). 

Quoting Ulrich: “Will there be a METALLICA quarantine record? I can’t tell you, because, again, I don’t know how long the quarantine will last. But if you and I and the rest of the world are sitting here six months from now or a year from now, I’d say there’s a very good chance.”

Having no guess as how long the quarantine will last, they can reunite in studio in California or… they can record from their own homes. If someone said that to me back in February, I’d laugh as well. But now every band in the real music business is testing new possibilities through technology. Why not? With all Metallica’s agenda postponed and with no certainty of returning they have to do something to keep it going during these hard times when art in general will suffer a hard blow because of economic slump that is  looming on the dark horizon. 

Plus everyone (literally) are making “lives”. The majority quality of them are just horrible with just a few good to watch. How long does one think this fad will last? Without real audiences in real venues the LIVES will wear out their welcome very soon. So what it seems a just another quarantine pastime can have other intentions.

While they play and amuse their own public, they are testing how can do something different and being Metallica, how their gigantic audience will receive it. So every test they make shows a north, a silver lining in what steps doing next. 

In the times of social distancing and ZOOM, it does not sound ludicrous to try and make an entire record, home office version. It can work, it cannot. And as time has being showing, the big ones give the example. 

Watch the video here, if you didn’t, and if you did, watch it again:

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Everybody is out of Obscura!

Three quarter of the band just got out.

93429690_10158214828363545_1549466716830957568_o(credit of the photo: Katarzyna Bujas) 

When Tom Geldschläger recorded the penultimate Obscura album called Akróasis (released in 2016) just to be substituted by the Austrian musician Rafael Trujillo it made some news.

But now it is totally different: Rafael Trujillo, along with Sebastian Lanser and older member Linus Klausenitzer all left the band to start a new one called Obsidious. Why they left? The official source says “due to musical differences”. The truth? No one will never know if they decided to abandon Steffen Kummerer (who now is the sole member, and he promised that a new line-up will be announced soon along with a new album), or they were simply kicked out of the band.  The probability is that is something in between happened: they fought and Kummerer gave them an ultimatum and they left.

Now, how Obscura will record a new album this year without even having a line-up is anyone’s guess.

The official statement can be read below and it’s on their Facebook page:

OBSCURA | Announce Lineup Change

German progressive titans OBSCURA announce guitarist Rafael Trujillo, bassist Linus Klausenitzer and drummer Sebastian Lanser parting ways with the band due to musical differences and move on with their new group, named “Obsidious”.

“Firstly, I would like to thank our former members Rafael Trujillo, Linus Klausenitzer and Sebastian Lanser for their dedication during the last years. Now, 2020, a new chapter for OBSCURA begins with entering Woodshed Studios this Summer to produce our sixth full-length record, and the first album for our new label Nuclear Blast. The new lineup will be revealed shortly.” – Steffen Kummerer

“I’m really thankful for the amazing experiences I have made over the last couple of years and all people who have supported me on that path. Leaving something behind opens new opportunities.“ – Rafael Trujillo

“No one except Steffen has been in the band longer than I have, so you can imagine that this was not an easy decision for me. However, for us, this is the beginning of a musical journey that I’m sure you will enjoy.“ – Linus Klausenitzer

“Time has come for me to move on and pursue new musical adventures. A big “Thank You” to all our fans around the world for the amazing support – You Rock! I am sure we will meet again at some point in the future. “ – Sebastian Lanser

The three former members like to thank Steffen Kummerer, crew, business partners and especially all loyal fans all over the world.

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Dead Infection drummer is gone. Sad Day for grindcore!

Polish grindcore drummer Cyjan passed away today.


Born on September 12, 1970, Cyan, real name of Sławomir Cywoniuk saw fame in the second extreme band from Poland (Vader -formed in 1983 – being the first according to the site Kurier Poranny, Behemoth was formed in 1991, one year later of Dead Infection).

Still according to the site, he was a great fan of the progressive rock band Electric Light Orchestra, but also, of course, a greater fan of Carcass, whom he saw live in 2008 in Czechia (Czech Republic) and according to the famous polish actor Paweł Małaszyński ( from the Oscar-Winning film The Pianist by Roman Polanski – who was his personal friend) he even shed a tear while watching the band. Also, according to Mr. Małaszyński, Cyjan (who was known by his BRUTALITY) was a man of “British” humor, who loved movies and even collect soundtracks from them.

Still, according to the Polish media outfit, he had pressure ulcers, and the treatment was very expensive, something about 30,000 zł (roughly $7562 or £5,874).

Although Cyjan didn’t make a living from the band (he didn’t even have a car), Dead Infection (and his other band Evil Machine) were when he got his kicks.

Sławomir Cijan Cywoniuk was 49.

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Cynic and Death drummer Sein Reinert is Dead

The technical drummer was found unresponsive in San Bernardino, California.


Declared dead on arrival by the crew at a hospital in San Bernardino, Sein Reinert, one of the best death metal drummers ever, left this world on last Friday, 24, but only between 25 and then January 26 the news has been spreading.

Reinert was only 48 years old.

His surreal curriculum includes being one the founders of Cynic along with Paul Masvidal who shared an homage on internet. Along with Sean Malone, the trio recorded the now classic Focus, a complex and jazzy death metal album released in 1993.

Later on, Sean Reinert along with Masvidal joined Chuck Schuldiner’s Death on their seminal technical album Human.

After that the duo returned to their original band, and over again along with Malone they released the original Traced in The Air in 2008. Reinert was the producer of the album as well.

In 2014 the trio recorded the album Kindly bent to Free Us. A year later, on September 10th 2015, the same Sean Reinert declared that the band had finished its activities. Later, on that day Paul Masvidal said the band would continue (with Sean Malone) causing confusion.

Next day, Sean Reinert said the band was a 50/50 partnership with Masvidal, and eventually Sean Reinert came to an agreement with Masvidal, leaving the latter make use of the name Cynic.

Masvidal left an homage to his friend on Facebook:

I am shocked and saddened by the loss of one of my oldest friends. We were karmic brothers, connected by something beyond both of us. So many memories have been flooding my heart and mind. From the moment I first met Sean in junior high school, I knew we had a connection. His gifts were beyond measure, and I’m grateful that we were able to make music together. In the end, all that remains is love, and that’s what I have for Sean. There will never be another one like him. Peace to his family and all of his fans around the world. Listen to Sean play his drums and hear his heart sing.

Roderick Totentanz
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After the passing of Baron Blood, Necromantia will be no more.

They are going to disband after a last release.


According to THE MAGUS (Magus Wampir) of the almighty Necromantia, after the sudden death of Baron Blood, Necromantia will be no more.

The intention is to release one final tribute in a form of an EP in 2020 (date unknown) as a way of homage to the late Baron Blood who contributed to all Necromantia releases.

It is fair enough since some people in some line-ups cannot and should not be substituted, and Baron Blood was one of these persons.

Baron Blood passed away last week for a heart attack (read the news here) prompting The Magus to take this sad but sage decision.

Read the announcement on the band’s Facebook page:

“There will be a final recording of NECROMANTIA in 2020. It will be an EP entitled “Baron Blood”. I do not know how many songs, 2 or 3. It will be a final tribute to Baron Blood for his spirit and restless soul. Afterwards NECROMANTIA will be officially disbaned, therefore there will be no more releases or re-releases beyond Decamber 31, 2020. After this date NECROMANTIA will be no more”
The Magus

Apart of Necromantia, The Magus also is part of Thou Art Lord with Necromayhem (aka Sakis Tolis) from the famous Rotting Christ. So we hope to hear something from them in the near future as the band is active.

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The brutality is reaching Oakland this October.


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So you think you like and enjoy the most brutal metal available… okey dokey but let me tell ya, if you don’t know any band from the Never Surrender fest Vol II that is going to take place in Oakland/CA on October 19-20, 2019 at Oakland Metro Operahouse you are none the wiser.

The most aggressive bands from planet earth like MORBOSIDAD, GRAVE UPHEAVAL, BLACK WITCHERY, UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN will be present destroying every inch of decibels and leaving only a vacuum of senseless noise in their wake.

Formerly known as Nuclear war Now! Fest and held in Berlin, this year NWN! joined forces with Iron Bonehead (a force to be reckoned with) and each label will present 8 bands, 16 in total, plus an extra day on October 18th.

Information about the time of each band and links to buy your ticket are available below!


Doors: 3:00 PM

EOSPHOROS (USA): 04:00 PM – 04:40 PM
BYYRTH (USA): 05:10 PM – 05:50 PM
MORBOSIDAD (USA): 06:20 PM – 07:00 PM
BONE AWL (USA): 08:45 PM – 09:30 PM
BLACK WITCHERY (USA): 12:30 AM – 01:30 AM



Doors: 3:00 PM

CEMETERY LIGHTS (USA): 05:10 PM – 05:50 PM
HOUSE OF ATREUS (USA): 06:20 PM – 07:00 PM
SIEGE COLUMN (USA): 07:30 PM – 08:15 PM

VOLAHN (USA): 08:45 PM – 09:30 PM


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Mayhem announces new album, artwork, date of release and tour.

The inventors of Norwegian Black Metal are coming back with Damon


The lengendary Mayhem (The True Mayhem for some) is about to release their sixth studio album called Daemon that is set to be released on October 25th 2019. With the incredible artwork by the artist Daniel Valeriani (who made covers for bands such as Dark Funeral, Grafvitnir and Mysticum), production of the Swedish Necromorbus (Tore Gunnar Stjerna), ex-drummer for Funeral Mist and owner of Necromorbus Studio based in Stockholm, and the same line-up that recorded the 2014 Esoteric Warfare and De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive (2016). Necrobutcher (bass), Hellhammer (drums), Attila Csihar (vocals), Teloch (guitars) and Ghul (guitars).

They are promising something really new and different as the previous albums following the purest Mayhem tradition to repeat themselves.

No single was release as of yet. 

The album will have ten songs and it is going be released by Century Media Records.


The tracking list is as it follows:

  1. The Dying False King
  2. Agenda Ignis
  3. Bad Blood
  4. Malum
  5. Falsified and Hated
  6. Aeon Daemonium
  7. Worthless Abomination Destroyed
  8. Daemon Spawn
  9. Of Worms and Ruins
  10. Invoke the Oath

Mayhem is also going to perform a long tour until the end of the year and the dates are in the flyer below.


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old school Death metal Genocídio to announce new line-up.

They gave thanks to old members and are annoucing new ones.


Rafael Orsi and Gil Oliveira “Necromesis” parted ways with Brazilian Traditional Death metal band Genocídio

In note W. Perna and Murillo Leite talked about the invaluable contribution of the old guys to the work of Genocídio and are promising to announce the new guys by tomorrow.

Rafael Orsi joined the band as a guitarist in 2012 and recorded two albums with the band: the 2013 sonic destructive opus In love with hatred and the subsequent Under Heaven None from 2017, their more recent work to date.

Gil Oliveira from Necronemesis joined as a drummer but he haven’t recorded any album with the band. 

Genocídio premiered in 1988 with the self titled EP and later with the seminal full length Depression in 1990. The album influenced bands such as Rotting Christ. 

They have 7 albums and 2 EP’s under their belt.

The only reminiscent member of the original formation is Perna. Murillo Leite joined later on 1993 and sang on the sophomore album Hoctaedrom in the same year.

They were deemed Death/Doom metal in the past but nowadays they play full on death/thrash metal. 

Read the note (in Portuguese) on their official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/genocidiobr/

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Bruce Corbitt Dead at 56

Rigor Mortis/ Warbeast vocalist resisted until yesterday.


Bruce Kendall Corbitt, the vocalist of both classic Thrash Metal band Rigor Mortis and Warbeast (formerly Texas Metal Alliance) died yesterday –  January 25 –  from Esophageal cancer (the sixth most common cause of cancer deaths worldwide). He was diagnosed in May 2017.

Rigor Mortis acted from 1983 to 1991 and returned in 2005 recording the classic self-titled debut in 1988. Their last album was Slaves to the Grave recorded in 2014. Lately they were acting as Wizards of Gore, but it’s unclear if the band will continue.

Another member, Mike Scaccia (Ministry), died during a Rigor Mortis’ gig at the Rail Club in Fort Worth, Texas, on December 22, 2012 from heart attack.

Bruce Corbitt survived a stab and a heart attack. He fought to the very end. Condolences to his family.

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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