Norwegian Icon announces new album.

The date is still unknown.


The one and only Kari Rueslåtten (the inspiration for plenty of famous female singers) announces in her Facebook page that she is finishing up writing her new album and from there she’s going directly to the studio to start the recordings.

With no title and no date of release defined yet, that will be the third album from the singer since her comeback in 2014 with Time To Tell (succeeded by To the North) after nine-year hiatus.

(Daniel “Roderick Totentanz” Death)

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Ozzy, Sharon and Michelle: Where’s our Metal Hero hiding?

Fear rises that Ozzy Osbourne can return to drug addiction.


So this is the history of a rock star: Ozzy Osbourne, 67, cheats on Sharon Osbourne 63 with a famous celebrity hair stylist called Michelle Pugh, 45. According to the tabloid The Sun, Sharon went postal and kicked Ozzy from home.

So what’s new?

Ozzy Osbourne has been drug addicted, although sources say he hasn’t been doing any since 2013 as stated in his official Facebook page on April 15th of that year:

For the last year and a half I have been drinking and taking drugs. I was in a very dark place and was an asshole to the people I love most, my family. However, I am happy to say that I am now 44 days sober.

Ironically in that occasion he said Sharon and him were not parting ways. But the fear is that by now Ozzy Osbourne can relapse. Musically speaking he would be unable to perform The End tour with Black Sabbath, and there’s the point where we, the fans of the first Heavy Metal band in history could be reached. Nobody wants Ozzy dead at least by now.

However, in the midst of this soup opera chapter, he’s reportedly fine and even talked to his three children, Aimee, 33, Kelly, 31 and Jack 30. According to sources he’s been at Beverly Hills hotel taking shelter and (hopefully) taking distance of any substances that might harm his resolve to stay away from drugs.

Who’s Michelle Pugh?

Michelle is a celebrity hair stylist who colored Jennifer Lopez’s hair on the set of a Gucci campaign. Wow, she’s really great isn’t she? She contributed zip to rock music and will only be remembered as the woman who was pivotal for Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne breaking.

Her Instagram account has been locked from the inside so nobody can eavesdrop on her life.

The only thing that cares though is that the singer who is the legend of heavy metal stays sober, sane and continues to put a hell of a show for all of us. If Sharon takes him back: great, if not, great too. The important thing is that the song remains the same.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Axl/DC: because AC/DC is fucking dead.

First appearance in Lisbon showed the obvious: AC/DC is no more.


(Axl Rose perfoms with Angus Young of AC/DC in Lisbon. Photograph: Roger Sargent/Getty Images)

Money talks, it really does. When the news about Axl Rose started circulating in the media that he was to be the front man of AC/DC people just laughed. True or not true, it was fun to read that on the interwebs after all. But the truth appears when the show begins.

AC/DC, one the greatest and most influential bands in the world made the big mistake of making a decadent rock star their singer. The losers (and I’m not being a bigot here, because I fucking love Portuguese people, I even speak Portuguese) were the people from Lisbon who witnessed a freakshow: Axl trying to imitate Brian Johnson and Bon Scott were (and is) ludicrous beyond belief. (Although the fans – more Axl fans than die-hard AC/DC fans were excited to see Axl/DC firing their Guns of Roses… I know the pun is terrible and so was the show)

Yeah, I know history: for years fans complained the Johnson was no Scott. Now I’m sure that they know they were pretty wrong on their point of view. If Brian is no Bon, Axl is not even ROCK.

Money really talks, and Angus Young is showing a clear message to his fans: c’mon, love me for the money.

Udo Dirkschneider would have been the perfect man for the post. But as it seems he’s not so famous and doesn’t attract more female fans as Axl Rose does. But if one had to choose the wrong side, hell, AC/DC should have picked Rihanna. Her music is terrible, but at least she has beautiful legs. Axl is chair bound because he broke a metatarsal. I didn’t know that metatarsal had anything to do with delivering a ridiculous performance.  


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Boudain – Way of the Hoof – Self-Release

Muddy doom


Doom metal is a style that is sometimes dangerous to be played. There are so many bands in the planet and who needs another “bong” sound:

That’s what Boudain presents here: a pseudo-Sabbath-esque sound for potheads, although I doubt potheads won’t have a bad trip after hearing this.

The noisy sound is irritating the sound is unoriginal; I don’t know why somebody would make another band that plays the same “retro” sound over and over again.

They are no great musicians either. The muddy sound puts the simplest riffs and flat riffs in the background. There is a 70’s “solo”, as a second guitar (in the second track called Neptune), but it’s just a spasm reproduced in looping. The solos are just noise, there’s no use to talk about them.

This kind of sound persists throughout the CD and sometimes some bands make us lose sometimes listening to the nothing they have to present.

I don’t appreciate Boudain. Boring as fuck. Don’t lose your time.

Way of the Hoof  is out today and it’s Self-Released

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Mayfair – My Ghosts Inside – Pure Prog Records

The crossover progressive music from Austria.


Austrian Mayfair presents their new album My Ghosts Inside, which is not really a progressive album in its entire splendor.

The sound is a kind of crossover between heavy metal and alternative rock. The vocals sound very mellifluous at the track Loss, very, very sentimental, but with a very subtle change of direction the song My Ghosts Inside shows a robust sound that no rocker who likes a heavy sound will despise. Indeed that’s the charm of Mayfair which is shown in the subsequent track Desert when the ears start to get accustomed with the modus operandi of the band, that sometimes sound bland, sometimes not.  All I know is: this track is really good and one can expect guttural vocals!

But somewhat they don’t sound like a copy of Opeth or a mere copy of Kamelot. I mean I simply can’t put aside this album just because it’s original as hell.

Sometimes the vocals are balmy but the matter here is that they are uneven, but just when one’s about to desist then the timbre of Mario “le Fate” Prünster shows a strong influence of Geddy Lee which is suffice to love it instead of condemn it. The song Blinded By Your Light is a prime example of that.

Ghostrider is a robust rocker that if it’s not heavy as hell it succeed in not going to pop. It’s climatic, the metric changes smoothly and there’s a correct semi-acoustic guitar that closes the song.

There’s even a song is German called Schrei Es Raus.

My Ghosts Inside is not an album which will be appreciated by anyone. It’s a good album but it takes time to like, even to love it, and it can become a favorite album to think and relax. It’s honest, well done, it doesn’t pretend to be superior, it’s done and played with honesty and it’s committed only to itself and the music.

My Ghosts Inside will be released tomorrow on April 15 on Pure Prog Records.



(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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The death of a Genius: R.I.P. Keith Emerson

The most influential keyboard player of the progressive music is gone.

Keith_Emerson_StPetersburg_Aug08 (1)

Keith Emerson, the genius of the power trio Emerson, Lake & Palmer died yesterday in Santa Monica, Ca. according to Fox News.

He was not only a fabulous player. Emerson, Lake & Palmer was maybe the hardest progressive rock group of all times. Save the insanity of Frank Zappa, the band created an aura of difficulty  that wasn’t only impossible to be aped, but their extreme complex compositions pushed me to the world of progressive rock when I was sole into true heavy metal. Before them I knew nothing about it. Maybe Yes, Genesis and Pink Floyd were bands that produced more successes during their career, but E.L.P. (as much as King Crimson, whose first vocalist coincidentally was Greg Lake, the “Lake” in E.L.P.) made a name for themselves playing some complex numbers such as Tarkus, the opener track of the album of the same name. How crazier can music get?

It’s like one hundred keys of information per second, I don’t know if this even exists, but the impression was that Keith Emerson was a Newton of notes and he could repeat everything, at the same order if he was asked to. 

Says Carl Palmer about Emerson: “I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of my good friend and brother-in-music, Keith Emerson. Keith was a gentle soul whose love for music and passion for his performance as a keyboard player will remain unmatched for many years to come,” Palmer wrote. “He was a pioneer and an innovator whose musical genius touched all of us in the worlds of rock, classical and jazz. I will always remember his warm smile, good sense of humor, compelling showmanship, and dedication to his musical craft. I am very lucky to have known him and to have made the music we did, together. Rest in peace, Keith.”

I know it has been a hard time for us rockers: David Bowie, Lemmy and now Keith Emerson. It’s the time that we start to perceive that our “eternal idols” are as mortals as us and nobody is coming to substitute them even though their “operas” are the corollary of their life. Time passes and so do us and our idols. Unfortunately this is another sad day for the music in the world. 

Fans can leave a tribute and condolences at E.L.P page on Facebook 


(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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One Year Delay – Deep Breath – Pavement Entertainment

This band is really bad. Like in REALLY, ACTUALLY BAD!


If you don’t want to read this article, I’ll make a summary for you: This band is utterly commercial with the worst vocalist I’ve heard in ALL MY LIFE.

Okay now if you dare to go any further…

One Year Delay is a band that was formed in 2012, but just now is releasing their debut album, Deep Breath. It would be better if it was called BAD BREATH, anyway.

Greek as they are, they went to USA to record with Grammy Award producer Toby Wright. They really thought a producer should make an album. If it doesn’t ring any bells this is the same producer of Alice in Chains, Fear Factory, Metallica, Primus and others..

Okay, so they paid, the guy recorded and delivered the product. The problem is that the raw material was of bad quality, so the final product would be a disaster.

The band has musicality and an inclination for commercial… but they got the word commercial too seriously, and in order to persecute theirs “dreams” the damned lad on vocal duties started to moan like a prostitute.

They call themselves hard rock. I don’t remember Hard Rock being THAT bad in old times… Even shitty bands like Guns n Roses had more dignity than this.

Anyway, this is emo with grunge, mixed with metalcore, the worst of ALL WORLDS.

The track Miss You is truly irritating, and you say, dude, do I really have to hear this? Isn’t life bad enough?

But the subsequent track Try To Stay Alive is at least funny and made me laugh… yes, because the emotive guy decided he was REVOLTED: oh mommy I’m revolted and I will start to screaaaamo! This is so bad, I rolled on the floor.

This is the worst garbage I had to endure this year… I’m done… Off to hear some real ROCK N ROLL.

Deep Breath is out today (October 2nd) on Pavement Entertainment 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Vaner Versori – The Brazilian virtuoso guitarist and his upcoming video.

Brazilian guitarist releases his first official video

Vaner Versori is a Brazilian guitarist whose intimist sound is going to be fully uncovered in his forthcoming CD entitled The Path.

However, the song Strange Path of Dream is going to be released next Wednesday (July 22nd) on Youtube, so stay tuned for the first sample of this much anticipated album!


The date of the release of The Path is scheduled for August 6th in his show of release with the first date in Jaguariúna on the very same day!

The art of The Path was made by the awarded cartoonist Mario Cau, the band counts with Anderson Barros (Bass) and Paulo Falavigna (drums) (from the Heavy Metal band Death n Roll) and the album is going to have 9 songs.

More info:

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K-X-P – History of Techno – Svart Records

Drinking from the waters of Krautrock.


The old and good Krautrock is resurrected. Of course it will be an exaggeration to say that bands are making this style now, as it is dead and gone since the 1970’s, and geographically it only comprises Germany. The other bands CANNOT be considered Krautrock proper.

But that doesn’t make impossible that this musical phenomena from the past have a dedicated cult following (myself included) and that new bands are being formed around the stylistic works of Kraftwerk, Neu!, Can and Faust.

K-X-P comes with this intention here with a repetitive electronic sound, that isn’t exactly “ambient” as Cluster, but they try hard to emulate the pre punk electronics from Deutschland.

First tracks (out of 3) History of Techno (part I & II) and History of Techno (part III & IV) are suites divided in semi-segues with the hypnotic repetitive “tanzmusik” in a subtotal of 25 minutes (out of 34). It’s great, but modern generations of rockers will really misunderstand that.

The last track though, She Time Travels In Every Direction Whenever She Wants, keeps the kraut spirit alive and the sequence evokes not modern music (back off Tomorrow Land fappists‼) but the music of before. The sequence really resound tunes like Autobahn (Kraftwerk) and Neu!

If you don’t get enough of experimental music of Germanic persuasion made in Finland, here’s what you after!

History of Techno is out now on Svart Records.

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Motörhead announces new album!

The legendary heavy metal group announces a new opus for 2015.


The cult of Motörhead seems to never die. They’ve just announced a new album to be released on August 28th as it reads on their Facebook: 

“And here is the news we’ve all been waiting for …

It’s official! We’re releasing our 22nd Studio Album “Bad Magic” on August 28th this year!

Are you excited? Well you should be! As well as the album release on August 28th 2015 (UDR Music/Motörhead

Music) we would also like to announce our Anniversary European tour this fall, with more international dates to follow.

Be sure to check out the new UDR Store under for exclusive merch coming your way soon!”

Check the album art below:


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