Cryptopsy – The Book of Suffering Tome 1 – self-released

The book of ultra brutal technical death metal.


Cryptosy is the best death metal band in the moment. Since their self-titled album three years ago, nobody should have said that they were going to beat their best offering to date. They just did it!

With The Book of Suffering (Tome 1) they accelerated the impossible to overdriving vortexes of insane velocity.

This is an EP with just 4 tracks, and as it is said that it is the tome 1 I believe this history will have another chapter soon…

Anyway, what is in the table here is the absurd technicality of a group that evolves with which release. The only thing that gives some guide to the listener is the lyrics, and even they are quite impossible to keep track, being for the velocity, being for the intricate metrics.

The drumming is of course, otherworldly. I simple don’t have any idea how they keep so much information in a matter of seconds and how they manage to orchestrate the whole thing.

Violent and brutal, this is not an imitation of another famous band. Normally technical death metal is a style where the bands keep similarity between them, but not with Cryptopsy: they go further, they defy the physics, they defy the speed of sound going by the speed of light. It’s incredible how any riff, any drum fills are full of rocket science information.

I listened to this opus exactly 25 times and let me say something: it would take six times this number for me to understand the whole opus! Is that bad? No, it’s that marvelous, the way the mind is kept alive by music. They are like a free jazz ensemble, but a free jazz from HELL: violent, no frills, no quarter, no stoppage, no shortage of energy, this is a release that is, for sure, alongside their 2012 album one of the best metal releases of the XXI century. Nuff said!

The Book of Suffering Tome 1 is out now and it’s SELF-RELEASED



(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Murashita – Inescapable Damnation – Self-released

The Melodic Death Metal world of Masaki Murashita


Masaki Murashita is known for his old thrash metal outfit Hemoptysis. Coming from that experience he decided to somewhat continue what he has done so far, but with sensible change of direction. Some would call it evolution, but as even cancer evolves I would call it “the next stage”

This band is for those who like Swedish Metal in the vein of Arch Enemy (which seems to be the latent influence here) and others of the same crop.

This Cd has five songs and it counts with top musicians such as David Ellefson (Megadeth), Kevin Talley (Suffocation, Six Feet Under, Chimaira), Kelly Conlon (Death, Monstrosity), Rodney McGlothlin (Voice Of Dissent). Mr. Murashita is armed to the teeth!

Retribution kicks off the mini album with an intricate but very technical form of extreme metal. All the riffs and subsequent solos and phrases are understandable and the time signatures are complex to the players (or maybe not) but palatable to the listener.

Inescapable Damnation, the most ambitious and sticky track has vocals that are harsh but understandable, which is rare these days. There’s not just “noise” in the sense of “let’s puts some riffs in motion, scream to death and them we have a band”: no! Murashita thought riff by riff, stanza by stanza and the changes of phrase and/or tempo (for example from what is being sung to the solo) always have a musical bridge to attach the spare parts.

The 3rd track called Death or Glory, although being an earworm, commits the capital sin of cliché. Death or Glory is a famous song by the immortal Running Wild and the axiom: no pain no gain was maybe used, like the Phoenix allegory, by countless bands around the world. Apart of these faults Murashita sticks to his guns and delivers a great metal number, competent as he is.

Conquer to Foe sounds like a mix of Carcass (Heartwork era) with old Soilwork (The Chainheart Machine era, not the mediocre faddist metalcore of today). Although this sounds more toothsome to the ears, it’s nonetheless a superb number.

Last track returns to the intricate parts of the first song, making it a great tune, over again the harsh vocals making the ears blister, but with an intelligent skeleton and what a hell of solos. I must say the soloing is the art of Masaki Murashita. He would succeed if he did power metal from example or technical brutal death metal, or as a solo virtuoso guitarist. He would succeed anyway.

Well the bottom line is: kings are born kings, so don’t waste your time and pay homage to Murashita. Now, you mortal!

Inescapable Damnation will be out next October 16th and it will be Self-released. 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Regurgimentação Necrovaginal Sangrenta – demo 2015 – Self Released

The gore is not deceased in the country of death!


One thing seems to survive like a zombie: the goregrind in Brazil and Latin America (I do hate this terminology, Satan knows I do).

Anyway, how surprised I was to hear that a new band was looming on the horizon of South American hinterland: roughly translated to Bloody Necrovaginal Regurgitation this band is a seminal blend of old Carcass and a good production of today studios.

Very organic and authentic to their style this band is the wet dream of any deathbanger: low-pitched bellows, the bass line in staccato, guitars cutting like an oxidized razor.

After a short intro, AxExEx starts in a mid-tempo disgraceful approach, excellent production, then after 4 beats, everything sets off in a brutal death metal attack and that’s that. Short, concise and full of revulsion.

Loathe for human race continues in the subsequent track that has a sewage-like vocalizations as a highlight.

The last debasing called Necrozoofilia has a curious stoppage with a chainsaw and a female’s yell. So everything turns into what it is the last part of the song.

All of this in a 6-minute package that shows off that no one is safe from the subterranean incursion of Regurgimentação Necrovaginal Sangrenta, one of the best Brazilian bands at the moment. I wish they never lose momentum.

Demo 2015 is out now and it’s Self Released. It can be heard on Bandcamp.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Warhead – Widowmaker [Single] – Self-Released

Mercy to no one!


This band is the typical American Thrash Metal band, keeping the tradition that never dies. Fast with sticky vocals, mosh parts and all the jive.

Although there exists more FIVE bands in the American territory alone called Warhead, for sure this is the more exciting one. Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to hear to their full length Deathrow, released in 2013, but if it follows this sound, man, what a band!

Sadly this has just one song Widowmaker that would be re-released months later as a split with Bridgeburner.

The songs starts slow, showcasing some Nuclear Assault riffs, then a sudden stop and so starts the thrash binge with guitar in the vein of Tankard (although Tankard being German, but you know, the internet)…

Being it a single, one has the opportunity to learn the lyrics by heart and by the middle to final part of the song there is an intense solo, and the thrashing never ever stops. It’s truly perfect.

I hope to hear more about these cats in the future, but for now I’ll chase their old album to satisfy my lust for thrash metal attack!

Widowmaker [Single]  is out now and it’s Self-Released.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Northern Crown – In the Hands of the Betrayer – Self Released

Excellent Heavy Doom from Florida.


Northern Crown follows the tradition of old. Its music is something magic, its sound is from outer space, and it’s very metal indeed!

But rather than to sound purely retro, this band is a different kind of monster.

They follow the tradition of bands such as Candlemass and Black Sabbath.

First song, In the Hands of the Betrayer is a classic heavy metal number, of course not so fast, but played with enough gusto and (only in this track) a harsh vocal.

Second track A Perfectly Realized Torment is really spooky and macabre. The beefy and intelligent riffs take command of everything. The vocal is a show apart: it’s mix of Tony Martin with RONNIE JAMES DIO… Yes, this guy called Frank Serafine is THAT good!

Crystal Ball is a proper Candlemass cover that is very theatrical and fits very well with the mood of the album. This is just ace!

Approaching, Encroaching Storm is a dark ambient intro to the last track, the 11-minute long To Thee I Give an Orchid which reeks of Black Sabbath.

This is a criminally underrated band/album. Okay it’s the first effort of the ensemble, but this band should have a cult following at the moment. Excellent release!

In the Hands of the Betrayer  is out now and it’s Self Released 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Mandatory – Catharsis – Self Released

Lies, lies and more MODERN METAL LIES!

This band promises in its press release a real fix for HEADBANGERS with hints of NWOBHM and pure metal on the loose and to be the next thing that will rock the world: lemme tell you what they are: LIARS!

This is simply modern metal, metalcore, garbagecore no NWOBHM can be found in ANY of the tracks, everything reeks of modernism, everything is full of “breaks”, everything is Americanized, everything is tailor-made for modern kiddos.

This is not metal in the very sense (and essence) of the word: this is pure and simple Metalcore and Melodic Death Metal with nothing new to bring to the fold.

Worse than being a mediocre band is to be a bunch of LIARS. Don’t listen to them, they don’t deserve to exist!

Catharsis is Self Released.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Madrost – Into The Aquatic Sector – Self Released

Fans of Destruction: HEADS UP!

This band from California is releasing their sophomore independent album with lots of attitude and pure anger to explode in the faces of false thrashers!!

After the intro the album opens with a scream a la Schmier to announce that this is not a fucking drill… this is for real! That is the track Frozen Beneath The Snow with hardcore drumming and fast riffage, a win-win situation!

Another champion is Universal Energy with its intricate phrases that will melt poseurs away! The voice commands the instrumental destruction with dirty riffs and slashing rhythm session!

When you think things won’t get any better than appears a track like Subterranean Nightmare that is the peak of thrash metal: psychotic music made to have some good violent fun!

 Into The Aquatic Sector (the track) appeals to something more death metal, and the binge is complete!

Into The Aquatic Sector is not only a great item but an indispensable one in the collection of any fan of thrash metal. The similarities with the first Destruction albums are great. Scourge up!

Into The Aquatic Sector is out now and it’s Self Released

(Daniel Death)

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Corpse Garden – Suspended Over the Abyss [SINGLE] – Self Released

Excellent single from Costa Rica.

I don’t know many bands from Costa Rica, but Corpse Garden is for sure the best of them all. They practice a true brutal death metal, but it’s hard to measure the whole potency of the band given that this is only one track. Nonetheless it’s a superb demonstration of how technical and brutal death metal must be done with several passages, changes of tempo, gorgeous soloing, solid rhythm session, majestic guttural vocals and lofty drumming. I can’t wait for the whole album!

Suspended Over the Abyss [SINGLE] is out now and it’s Self Released

(Daniel Death)

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The Body Politic – Egressor – Self-Released

Pseudo-metal with Justin Bieber on vocals.

Why the heck some bands insist to call themselves punks or metal or “metalcore”. Metalcore is bad taste and if you don’t already know my opinion I’ll tell you why: it has no connection whatsoever neither with metal nor punk. Plus it has that irritating “modern vocals” but in the case of The Body Politic the boundaries are truly transgressed: the EMO vocals permeate the “album” producing an irritating sound they insist in calling heavy music. It’s only a music for pre-pubescent girls trying to fit in some “rock tribe” with an aggravating factor: they are no one. Never was, never will. This is the worst CD I’ve heard this year. The next one please!

 Egressor is our now and it’s Self-Released

(Daniel Death)

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Mosegrodd – Prodigious Images – Self Released

Experimental and strange Black Metal from Norway.

Let me say something: this album is really hard to digest. This is their fourth full, and I’m still not sure of what to make of it. Enduring experimental metal that is not bad, it’s just too hard to assimilate.

They go in the vein of “experimental” era of Mayhem (mainly Grand Declaration of War and Ordo ad Chao) with a nihilistic and self-destructive sound.

In their first track called Promethean Times (a nine-minute song) they don’t show what they are here for, they just keep feeding us with odd riffs that they call Black Metal, still it’s very difficult to label them as such.

Second track – Monument of Arrogance – and they still don’t show their guns, and they kind of play with the instruments in a strange trance of self-indulgence.

The 10-minute Phantom Nietzsche does show some black metal parts, with experimental ones, but the riffs seems un-seamed, askew, the rapid parts show incongruences with the pensive slow motion phrases, it’s a really erratic kind of music, hard to sit through, but still it pulls some morbid curiosity to see what happens until the end of CD.

Dead Surface lives up to its name, with some still life soundscapes and textures that are confusing.

Revelation is simply a Dark Ambient track, over again deviating from the norm, even from the logic of the album itself.

When everything seems to become familiar – as in the track A Glorious Harvest of Souls – over again the sound cheats us with incomprehensive processed vocals, very slow motion all the way. The riffs are like an impromptu nightmare, following the tempo, but changing constantly, like the cadence of the drums. Thence, the sound continues, repetitive and undaunted (an odd pattern though).

Swollen Gods and Plague Victims, the last track has more of the strange sounds, where the drum fills don’t fill the void, but instead it seems to augment it to pharaonic proportions only to give space to unbridled fast parts and chasmal unrhymed voices in a glossolalia that mix everything nihilistic. Over again the slow parts merge with fast discordant parts only to show us in the second half of the song that they know how to do some “normal” metal with solos and whatnot but again the breaks and a subtle change of tempo defies the logic.

Prodigious Images is easily the strangest album of the year, however it’s not bad. It takes some spins to assimilation. I never heard something like that. If it’s excellent or crap one has to judge for himself!

Prodigious Images is out now and it’s Self Released

(Daniel Death)

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