Space Eater – Passing Through The Fire Of Molech – Pure Steel Records

Serbian Thrash Powerhouse!

When I first heard of them I thought it was another Germanic Power Metal band, for they named their band with a Gamma Ray’s song of the very same name.  How wrong I was!

Space Eater is a brutal thrash metal attack from Balkans with a taste for North-American thrash godfathers! This album is insanely great!

Opener Unjagged shows its fangs with pure massacre metal that will leave the most experienced thrashers in awe. Their sound is actually attractive, heavier than one thousand anvils and the vocals are a blend of harsh angry bellows and melodic hookers borrowed from traditional metal although the velocity of the quasi-death metal act seems to deny this!

After this fiery first song, another, better, follows: Passing Through the Fire to Molech is the epitome of rapid speed thrash metal massacre which is impossible to ignore. Destructive riffs and drums fills shows that Space Eater is no less than PERFECT. They play with brio, an ardor for heaviest pre-emptive strikes to kill the reckless. Excellent riffs and great taste for velocity.

Other numbers like the gooey Daisy Cutter, another violent approach leaving no prisoners, the fervor of P.O.W. (with its cutting edge solos) or the great Ninja Assassin leaves me in awe on how a band can create a sequence of songs, one better than another!!!

But the icing in the cake is the last song In Hospital that is their greatest tune.

Space Eater has released one of the greatest (if not the greatest) thrash metal albums of 2014. This is a deed that shall empower them to take place in great festivals across Europe and in North America as well. I hope that occurs because this is a rare example on how to make a band sound perfect in an era that everything else is imperfect!!!! I just fell in love!

Passing Through The Fire Of Molech is out now on Pure Steel Records

(Daniel Death)

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