Mayfair – My Ghosts Inside – Pure Prog Records

The crossover progressive music from Austria.


Austrian Mayfair presents their new album My Ghosts Inside, which is not really a progressive album in its entire splendor.

The sound is a kind of crossover between heavy metal and alternative rock. The vocals sound very mellifluous at the track Loss, very, very sentimental, but with a very subtle change of direction the song My Ghosts Inside shows a robust sound that no rocker who likes a heavy sound will despise. Indeed that’s the charm of Mayfair which is shown in the subsequent track Desert when the ears start to get accustomed with the modus operandi of the band, that sometimes sound bland, sometimes not.  All I know is: this track is really good and one can expect guttural vocals!

But somewhat they don’t sound like a copy of Opeth or a mere copy of Kamelot. I mean I simply can’t put aside this album just because it’s original as hell.

Sometimes the vocals are balmy but the matter here is that they are uneven, but just when one’s about to desist then the timbre of Mario “le Fate” Prünster shows a strong influence of Geddy Lee which is suffice to love it instead of condemn it. The song Blinded By Your Light is a prime example of that.

Ghostrider is a robust rocker that if it’s not heavy as hell it succeed in not going to pop. It’s climatic, the metric changes smoothly and there’s a correct semi-acoustic guitar that closes the song.

There’s even a song is German called Schrei Es Raus.

My Ghosts Inside is not an album which will be appreciated by anyone. It’s a good album but it takes time to like, even to love it, and it can become a favorite album to think and relax. It’s honest, well done, it doesn’t pretend to be superior, it’s done and played with honesty and it’s committed only to itself and the music.

My Ghosts Inside will be released tomorrow on April 15 on Pure Prog Records.



(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Kult Ofenzivy – Nauky různic LP – Iron Bonehead

The Kult stays un-PC!


Kult Ofenzivy is an extreme and orthodox band from Czech Republic. This is “their” 3rd album and the sound (like the 1st and the 2nd) sounds like old Darkthrone: velocity all the way without variations.

This is a band that even being buried in the deep underground of the Eastern Europe is a promising one in the scene of Black Metal (just like Maniac Butcher was) and it MUST remain a staple for RADICAL black metallers worldwide!

This album can be called an EP for it clocks in at only 25 minutes distributed in 5 songs.

Pt I: Do deju vstupovat a stavby, v narušenost sten… is harsh and rough. The high-pitched sound is enough to disturb the neighborhood. Pure fast attack!

Pt II: Osudove naplnen údaji chorob nemohoucnosti… is jagged and discordant, the dream of every black metaller!

Pt III: Na jiné prísahat a k temto nemít pojítek a lan… is astringent and raspy as fuck. Disgrace in form of noise.

Pt IV: Kde uloženy zákaz, neústupnost a touha s nimi nesdílet? is dissonant and grating, the orgasm of infernal and primitive headbangers.

Pt V: Cožpak ta nejvetší díla vznikají z nedbalosti? is caustic and stinging, an one-way ticket to the valley of eternal torment.

This is pure evil, fast, fast, and faster. Actually is one of the fastest bands around. No compromise, no quarter, no prisoners. Only destruction, hate, abomination, scorn and desolation. Well I think you got the point!

Nauky různic LP is out now on Iron Bonehead

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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VARATHRON – Untrodden Corridors Of Hades – Agonia Records

The uncanny world of Varathron


Hailing from Hellas, Varathron is a true cult band. I mean, the bands nowadays kind of emulate a cult status (and this is not a criticism, since I like them), but the difference here is that Varathron is as old as Rotting Christ but did not achieve the same success, but they are a kind of Sarcófago from Greece, a band that now is recognized for their entire work.

And the evolution since the old demos – and mainly Black Arts Leads to Everlasting Sins, a CULT split with Necromantia which I heard like one billion times in my life –  is latent and now they use and abuse of the changes of tempo and phrases, which make them hard to understand. But you know philosophy is hard to understand and it’s the best literature ever, so if the mob cannot get, it’s great!

Songs like Kabalistic Invocation Of Solomon and Realm Of Obscure are very clever, although the production is somewhat polished and the instruments audible, but the black sensations of evil are there. What is unique to them though is an aura of dark sadness translated by melodic riffs.

The most memorable song is Arcane Conjuring with a repetitive phrase and a riff that invokes the days of old. I mean the evolution is apparent, but they didn’t change their evil ways to something less satanic in order to get some success.

A song like The Bright Trapezium showcases all musical dexterity and cleverness in making intricate melodies. The song is serpentine and enters in a vortex of phrases and rhythms.

Delve Into The Past is the most complex number of the album as it oscillates in fast and reverberant black/death/thrash (like a free Jazz of metal hehehe) and truly intimate parts which are calmer with a bass solo and a strangest time signature in the middle session.

Untrodden Corridors Of Hades is another classic of Hellenic Black Metal and of Black Metal in general. If you want to know a little bit about the history of the style, let the Norwegian bands (which I adore) aside and dig into bands like Varathron. You’ll learn a lot. Or leave the truest kvlt to the strongest ones!

Untrodden Corridors Of Hades is out now on Agonia Records.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Nekrofilth – Filling My Blood With Poison… (Lp) – Hells Headbangers

21-minutes of pure filth!


Nekrofilth, for those who still don’t know is a metalpunk band from US formed by Nunslaughter member Zack Rose.

Filling My Blood with Poison… actually is a demo recorded in 2009 and released now, so expect a live-low budged sound (with) intermingled instruments in a mass of punk noise!

The songs are reminiscent of the great and immortal Discharge of course, but with lots of black metal influences like Hellhammer (who themselves were influenced by Discharge).

The tracks are short beginning with Filled With Disease a rapid hardcore with high-pitched guitars recorded in a worst possible way. Rad!

Other great song is Worship Destruction that is punk as fuck remembering some Chaos UK from the first album.

The fifty-second Get Fucked is so brutal and satanic it rips!

There is even a quasi-unrecognizable cover of GBH Necrophilia, played much faster than the original!

Filling My Blood With Poison… is like a live gig captured by lousy mics and without overdubs. I recommend if you want to raise some hell!

Filling My Blood With Poison… (Lp)  is out now on  Hells Headbangers.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Witchrist – Vritra 12″ MLP – Iron Bonehead

The cult from New Zealand is set to destroy the humanity!


The newest EP from Witchrist clocks in at only 10 minutes of pure destruction, rich production that makes one wants to hear the mini-disc over and over, non-stop mode!

After cult albums like Beheaded Ouroboros and The Grand Tormentor as well as splits with bands such as Morbosidad and Antedilluvian, these guys are not kidding.

First track out of the three is called Haruspex. It starts as a mid-tempo number with doomish riffs and over-the top production. Then the famous break and the sound explodes in a BPM fast as the speed of light. The good thing here is, although the opus is very loud and crude, one can hear the instruments perfectly, the mix and mastering is just second to none. The vocals spew blasphemies all over the place. Ride cymbal sets the tone of the song with interchangeable tempos.

Transmuting Rituals is not exactly a segue but showcases in less than two minutes what kind of havoc this band is capable of.

Finally last track The Golden Ascent is even more brutal with low-pitched sound and non-stop headbanging. Beautiful to say at least.

Vritra is the perfect alternative for those who like to spin an EP several times until the sound rings the bell. Highly recommended for cultists worldwide.

Vritra is out now on Iron Bonehead 

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Blaspherian – Upon the Throne…of Eternal Blasphemous Death 7″ EP – Iron Bonehead

The most satanic Death Metal from Huston is back!


Hailing from Texas, Blaspherian takes its name from bands like Luciferian and Blasphemy to form a mega underground cult only for deathbangers and blacksters alike!

Their influence ranges from Immolation to Incantation so you know what to expect here: waves of pure American blackened death metal cult!

They are no new to underground though. Have been released a series of demos, compilation splits and a full length called Infernal Warriors of Death they present their new antichristian statement in form of 11-minute EP called called Upon the Throne…of Eternal Blasphemous Death containing only two tracks.

Awakened Into Impious Absolvement starts the disgraceful metal with an intro and a mid-tempo sound with a drumming that gains traction to ultimately flare up in a packed and insane death metal number with abyssal grueling brawls! Everything is low-pitched to cause a sense of coiling and nauseous music.

Phoenix of Uncreation the second and last song is not offbeat: over again the doomish intro is there with chasmal screams from the bottomless unknown! The MO is the same going again to an eruption of mass destruction, but this time they altercate between tempos, playing with satanic death metal doom and ultra-brutal and unbridled death metal!

Upon the Throne…of Eternal Blasphemous Death is, after all an EP only for underground extreme headbangers! They won’t be dissatisfied by this affidavit of diabolic metal.

Upon the Throne…of Eternal Blasphemous Death 7″ EP is out now on Iron Bonehead

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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Guerra Total – Cthulhu Zombies & Anti-Cosmic Black Goats – Iron Shield Records

Colombian Satanic Thrash Metal Incursion!


Guerra Total (Total War) is a wet dream for every thrash maniac out there, old schoolers and weirdos of real metal.

The band can be classified in my book as Blackened Thrash Metal, as it is very nuclear and blasphemous, and guy they do it so well!

Anti-Cosmic Chaos starts the binge of pure Bathory-esque rifferama resounding a truer and rawer Toxic Holocaust.

En las Montañas de la locura and Iä! Iä! Cthulhu Fhtagn! follow suit but the latter is sticky as hell! There is a heavy metal solo a la Metalucifer and the drumming is pure cult played with verve, the crème de la crème of satanic nuclear thrash/black attack!

But the champion in this game is that which has the obvious title: Nuklear Black Goat… Arrgghh this is pure cultism for worshippers of the South American chaos! The drumming is fast as fuck, the vocals reverberate through the walls, the riffs are second to none. Oh, I was forgetting about the solo, over again THAT solo! Man this is pure cultic metal.

Over again Whisky Possession sounds like Bathory from the first album so that’s no way to get anything wrong here.

Cthulhu Zombies & Anti-Cosmic Black Goats is an album that will appease the minds of those who seek the pure, no-frills metallic assault and destructive solutions for the lack of good music nowadays!

Cthulhu Zombies & Anti-Cosmic Black Goats is out now on Iron Shield Records.

(Daniel “Roderick” Death)

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