AC/DC ‎– Rock Or Bust – Columbia

Against the grain, another classic!!!

This album had all elements to be a flop even for the behemothic force that is arguably the greatest rock band on Earth: AC/DC. The case of dementia of Malcolm Young leaving him out of the game (even though he signs the tracks along with his brother Angus) and being replaced by his nephew Steve Young. Besides the prison of their drummer – Phil Rudd –  (who actually plays drums here) made international news in the greatest media outlets in the world. Yet, AC/DC packed a helluva album with anthems, and although always maintaining the tradition, I can say that this is their best album since Ballbreaker!

The first track, Rock or Bust is an upbeat (what else is new?) song that is an instant hit right in the rocker’s face!

Play Ball with the signature solos of Angus Young has been released as a single before, but they make the party of die-hards here!

Rock the Blues Away is more like their famous track Moneytalks, and in a track like Dogs of War they go on full heavy hard rock, that is pure “fists-in-the-air” song!

But Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder is even more anthemic, although they try to make it smoothly, they play rough and the rock and roll is the only thing left here! Perfect even for AC/DC own patterns.

Another terrific one is the penultimate track Sweet Candy that could be the opener of the disc (without risk!). The track brings back again the momentum of the first tracks! What a killer and delicious riff!!!

Against the odds, AC/DC made another perfect score and another classic album which is going to stay for eternity as a corollary of band that has behind them the greatest tracks ever recorded by living human beings!

Rock Or Bust is being released TODAY on Columbia.

(Daniel Death)

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Marduk – Album Title, Tracking list and Cover revealed.

The Swedish Black Metal titans, Marduk, have revealed the title, tracking list and the coverart for their upcoming album Frontschwein (roughly translated to Warfront of Pigs, or Pigs Front). The album will contain 11 tracks and it will be available on January 19th in Europe via Century Media Records

Listen to Marduk’s new song – Rope of Regret –  below:

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Fornicus – Storming Heaven – Self-Released

Great act from Kentucky!

Fornicus is a new demon that came to life two years ago and released a demo in the current years and now they are releasing this debut album Storming Heaven with the raddest cover art ever!

Just for that they deserve kudos, but their sound is something very special, a blackened death metal in the vein of Sathanas that will gratify the more hardcore fans of the American Satanic Metal!!

Songs like We are Sin or Pallium Mali are the epitome of greatness showing their dexterity in making an authentic ode to darkness and the musical structure is very satisfactory, besides they play with gusto and they do deliver the message of evil hordes of satanic netherworld, while a track like King of Egoists has a great riff that goes all the way through the tune: no great changes of tempo, just the blurry mix of Death Metal and Black Metal that is worthy your money!

Into Obscurity is another gem of the style this time around resounding the great Absu. Mid-tempo framework, allied with occasional blastbeats that never get the forefront and never obfuscate the guitars!!!! It’s indeed a very intelligible sound with actual soloing and this time around they change the phrases a little bit!

There is also a cover of Sepultura Antichrist – a great version actually!!!

Over again my appeal to audiences out there: this band is pure underground but doesn’t deserve to be relegated six feet under… if I was you I’d manage to get my copy as soon as possible.

Storming Heaven  is out now and it is Self-Released .

(Daniel Death)

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Display of Decay – Outbreak of Infection 2014 – Self-Released

Lukewarm Death Metal

This Canadian band is a real downer. Display of Decay and their Outbreak of Infection has anything to do with brutal death metal… But they practice a kind of boring death metal that never gets faster than mid-tempo, and they do have some hints of Deathcore. A boring band that is not technical either. Just some kids with a pretention to show they have a band to their school friends. The production is okay but that is because it demanded nothing from them, just some changes of phrases here another changes of tempo there and absolutely nothing more. By the third song one starts to become bored. Please give me back the 18 I lost hearing to this band. Thanks!

PS: there’s a cover of Kiss by the end of the disc Black Diamond that’s not that bad, maybe they should change their sound to death n roll or something like that….

Outbreak of Infection 2014  is out now and it’s Self-Released

(Daniel Death)

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Morbid Angel to kick start European Tour Tomorrow!

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Covenant band does an extensive European Tour.

Classic Death Metal band Morbid Angel is reaching the Old World tomorrow to celebrate 20 years of the release of their album Covenant (actually the album was released in 1993, so it’s technically 21 years) which was a milestone in their career and continues to influence generations of extreme musicians worldwide.

They will play the album in its entirety for the delight of European audiences plus classic songs. The tour will cover France, Norway, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Czech Republic, Italy, Netherlands and Denmark. 

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Space Eater – Passing Through The Fire Of Molech – Pure Steel Records

Serbian Thrash Powerhouse!

When I first heard of them I thought it was another Germanic Power Metal band, for they named their band with a Gamma Ray’s song of the very same name.  How wrong I was!

Space Eater is a brutal thrash metal attack from Balkans with a taste for North-American thrash godfathers! This album is insanely great!

Opener Unjagged shows its fangs with pure massacre metal that will leave the most experienced thrashers in awe. Their sound is actually attractive, heavier than one thousand anvils and the vocals are a blend of harsh angry bellows and melodic hookers borrowed from traditional metal although the velocity of the quasi-death metal act seems to deny this!

After this fiery first song, another, better, follows: Passing Through the Fire to Molech is the epitome of rapid speed thrash metal massacre which is impossible to ignore. Destructive riffs and drums fills shows that Space Eater is no less than PERFECT. They play with brio, an ardor for heaviest pre-emptive strikes to kill the reckless. Excellent riffs and great taste for velocity.

Other numbers like the gooey Daisy Cutter, another violent approach leaving no prisoners, the fervor of P.O.W. (with its cutting edge solos) or the great Ninja Assassin leaves me in awe on how a band can create a sequence of songs, one better than another!!!

But the icing in the cake is the last song In Hospital that is their greatest tune.

Space Eater has released one of the greatest (if not the greatest) thrash metal albums of 2014. This is a deed that shall empower them to take place in great festivals across Europe and in North America as well. I hope that occurs because this is a rare example on how to make a band sound perfect in an era that everything else is imperfect!!!! I just fell in love!

Passing Through The Fire Of Molech is out now on Pure Steel Records

(Daniel Death)

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Creation’s End – Metaphysical – Pure Prog Records

New York Prog.

This band seems to have an ensemble of great musicians like Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie), Rudy Albert and Joe Black (ex-Zandelle) and Mike Dimeo (ex-Riot and ex-Masterplan) so it is a dream team of Yankee heavy prog metal.

The problem is that Dream Theater they are not (although the press release does claim that), and they work more in a field of bands such as Kamelot or Royal Hunt.

Well it’s a common ground that every melodic band that makes some broken parts are “prog”, so be it, but forget the great masters of the past.

In fact Creation’s End sophomore album Metaphysical works more inside a melodic spectrum than a progressive, experimental and innovative one. This band appeals more to those who like their metal mellow and yellow.

That’s not to say that Metaphysical is a bad work: they do have their talents as musicians and they do possess a great production, but they seem more concerned with the “feeling” than heaviness and that’s a fact.

There are good numbers like the dynamic Constructing a Savior with the crystal clear voice of Mr DiMeo or the assertive melody in The Chosen None. But for most of the time the album follows a languid atmosphere.

This lethargic atmosphere will get only the more attentive listener or the die-hard fan of the style, others will be alienated by the sound of Creation’s End. However if you’re looking for something truly calm, cool, collected to hear you better get your copy!

Metaphysical is out now on Pure Prog Records.

(Daniel Death)

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Pink Floyd – The Endless River – Parlophone/Columbia Records

Floyd in XXI Century: The Ambient Side of the Moon.

Finally, the Endless River, the comeback (and so called swansong) album of Pink Floyd.  Based on 20 hours of unreleased material with jam sessions with Rick Wright (dead in 2008) and with sounds captured in 5 studios from 1968 to the current year, this album is mostly instrumental, showing a beautiful ambient side, long forgotten by the band itself, since the days prior to The Dark Side of The Moon.

If you’ll die-hard fan, this is a must-have since the album has touches of Soundtrack from the Film More, Ummagumma and of course, the “David Gilmour era” of The Division Bell with his trademark guitars.

Also, the drummer Nick Manson has really cool drum fills to show up, attesting that he’s in perfect form in 2014!

Although this is a tribute to Rick, there ARE additional keyboards played by non-line up musicians such as Jon Carin and Damon Iddins, so one can infer this is not ENTIRELY based on the works of Wright.

Oh and Canadian producer Bob Ezrin (Alice Cooper, Kiss) , albeit not producing the album, does some additional bass guitars.

There is a sung track – Louder than Words  – that was deemed anticlimactic by the mainstream press, but it sounds good, maybe because I heard the deluxe edition which contains 3 additional tracks which gives the impression that the album is back to its initial intentions.

The Endless River, like ANY Pink Floyd album is already a classic that will stay for generations to taste the finest sounds the old Floyd could get, with calm ambient parts and solid rock parts intertwined. It’s not a downer (forget what the great press says, they don’t understand rock music), it’s indeed a beautiful final (???) statement of the only and one Pink Floyd!

The Endless River is going to be release on November 7th via Parlophone in UK and November 10th via Columbia Records in United States.

(Daniel Death)

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