ABYSMAL LORD – Exaltation of the Infernal Cabal – Hells Headbangers

Nuclear ignition restarted.


Abysmal Lord is a small band from NOLA that recorded their first demo tape in 2013. Since then their discography after that includes an EP Storms of Unholy Black Mass (2014), a debut album called Disciples of the Inferno (2015) and a split with the cult band Crurifragium.

This sophomore release could simply show more of the same, but it is more of the same brutality with more aggression. This feature doesn’t disqualify their first recordings, of course not, it adds more to the fold instead.

Brutal and unrelating satanic Blackened Death Metal extremely noisy and totally a thing for those who like it primitive and extremely and brutally heavy at the same time.

I could say there’s nobody more extreme than Abysmal Lord, but I’d be lying of course, but they are on par with a lot of excellent bands of the style, and honestly in this bestial black/death case who WANTS originality? Fuck it, show me the wrath of Satan.

10 songs clocking in at 34 minutes with packed belligerence in sonic form, Exaltation of the Infernal Cabal is a cohesive Beherit-esque/Blasphemy-esque opera of occult malevolent metal: songs like Monolith of Vengeance, Holy Incest and so on are so disgraceful that I wondered if the Armageddon was upon mankind. If by chance you end at the middle of the world’s termination, this album will surely be the soundtrack. Believe me, don’t listen to it if you’re not into this style, you will hear fear and see horror, and you may not find it funny. Only for die-hards of Blasphemophagher, Proclamation, Black Witchery, Morbosidad and the likes.

Exaltation of the Infernal Cabal is out TODAY on Hells Headbangers.

Rating: 9/10

(Roderick Totentanz)

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